Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings

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Pearls are real classics in the jewellery sector and round off the respective look with an elegant touch. Our pearl earrings also fascinate by the noble shimmer and the shapely designs. Our range includes pearl earrings made of high-quality materials such as gold and silver. Some of them are also decorated with real diamonds and sparkling zirconia stones. Get inspired by our diverse assortment of earrings with pearls and find the ear jewellery that perfectly completes your look.

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Pearl earrings: effective and noble

Pearls are famous for their magic, beauty and elegance. Therefore, pearl earrings are often worn for festive occasions such as weddings or gala receptions. Earrings made of pearls are the right choice when it comes to the big performance, where everything has to be right. Pearl earrings are available in many different designs - it is as varied as the pearl itself. Most of them are round, but they are also available in oval or oblong shapes and in various colours. The choice is huge. There are rhodium-plated silver earrings in which the pearls are embedded, pearl jewellery decorated with cubic zirconia stones or modern curved earrings with pearls. But pearls are also beautiful in their purest form - as simple studs. Because even to this minimum the pearl earrings do not miss their effect.

Pearls - the gems of the sea

Since their discovery, pearls have inspired us especially with their shine. In the true sense, however, the pearl is an organic product of origin. It is formed when a grain of sand settles in a shell and limescale deposits form there. A more romantic definition would be that pearls are the gems of the sea and as such are of course particularly suitable for further processing as pearl earrings. These "natural pearls" originate predominantly in warm regions such as Indonesia or Australia, which is why such pearls are also called South Sea pearls. Only these natural pearls bear this name. For the production of pearl earrings, so-called cultured pearls are used for the most part today. They are therefore bred specifically for this purpose.

Storage and care of pearls

Pearls are always a welcome gift - especially in the form of earrings they make the recipient a great pleasure. If you consider this, then you should handle your gift with appropriate care. Straight pearl earrings are exposed to numerous external influences. Pearl stud earrings come into direct contact with the skin and therefore also with sweat or perfume. They are also exposed to heat and cold. If you do not wear the jewellery, you should remove any residues and store it safely. This can be done, for example, in the packaging included free of charge with an order from THE JEWELLER.