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Pendant made of gold - noble and elegant. With a personal engraving they become very personal and unique jewellery creations. The designs of the gold pendants with engraving range from classic to romantic, some of the pendants are highly polished and some have a stylish matt effect. You can also choose between laser or diamond engraving on the engravable gold pendants. Be inspired by the enchanting pendants in our online shop and discover your new engraved pendant made of gold.

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Engraving pendant made of gold for individual jewellery

If you don't want off-the-peg jewellery, the engraved pendants Gold from THE JEWELLER's large range are just the right thing for you, because all ideas of individual jewellery can be realised with them. A gold pendant with engraving is a piece of jewellery that you can design according to your personal preferences, so that you can give a very personal accessory for a necklace as a gift. The engraved gold pendants that you can order from THE JEWELLER are not only individualisable and therefore so interesting, with these pieces of jewellery the basic material is also right. 8ct Gold ensures a high-quality wearing comfort and a valuable piece of jewellery as a whole. By choosing the basic shape you can set the direction in which the piece of jewellery should develop before engraving. A heart shape is available next to a neutral round shape. So there are followers for lovers and other areas.

Gold pendant with engraving by the jewellery expert

THE JEWELLER is not only your reliable partner for high quality jewellery with a wide range of products. With the competent online jeweler you can also fall back on a variety of different services and have your new jewelry individualized, e.g. by professionally engraving. The gold pendant with engraving is available either with laser engraving, whereby a powerful laser engraves the inscription according to your wishes clearly into the metal, or as classical diamond engraving. The latter is much more filigree and restrained with the engraving pendant gold, while the laser engraving has a more conspicuous character. If you want to order your gold pendant with engraving, you only have to choose one of the pendants, whether now in heart form or in neutral round form, and for this a personal engraving type in. The jewellery specialists at THE JEWELLER will then transfer this to the piece of jewellery and you can give it away as a gift.

Engraving Pendant Gold - Order today, get it tomorrow

To the numerous services of THE JEWELLER around the engraving pendant gold belongs also that you can get the desired jewellery with the individual engraving as fast as possible. If you place your order by 2 pm and also pay for the gold pendant with engraving within this time window, THE JEWELLER will ship the same day so that you can soon hold the desired accessory in your hands. The cheap and high-quality engraved pendant in gold you get this way as fast as usual and probably at no other jeweler. Starting from an order value of over 50 euros you save the forwarding expenses and come on comfortable and favorable way to the new decoration. In this way you can realize your perfect gift fast and uncomplicated.