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Unique Bracelet leather brown adjustable 14.0-17.5cm LB0072SL

Customizable accessory - Leather bracelet with engraving plate

This bracelet offers a lot of space for a personal statement! It is made of dark brown genuine leather and is provided with an engravable stainless steel plate. You can have the plate engraved by our experienced engravers with a name, a date or a creative dedication. The bracelet with its timeless as well as casual look fits numerous styles - no matter if casual, classic or elegant. The distinctive bracelet has an easy-to-handle pin buckle and the soft leather makes it comfortable to wear.
Model Number LB0072SL
Colour brown
Brand Unique
Material Leather
Secondary Material Stainless Steel
Surface polished
Clasp Thorn Clasp
Weight 13.2 g
Width 15.3 mm
Thickness 5.0 mm
Engravable Area 12 x 26 mm
Lengths adjustable 14.0 - 17.5 cm

The offered piece of jewellery can be engraved. You can select the different engraving options in the drop-down menu. You can choose from 8 fonts for your engraving. The number of characters is limited. If you cannot enter any more characters, the limit is reached.

Diamond and laser engraving

A diamond engraving is colourless and is carved into the material in relief with a diamond. With laser engraving, on the other hand, the engraving is burned into the material with a laser beam. The longevity and also the font colour of the laser engraving depends on the exact material composition. The colour of the laser engraving is caused by the dust of the burned material. Accordingly, a fading of the font color is completely normal - of course the engraving and thus also your desired text remains visible.

Please note that engraved items are excluded from exchange and return. We therefore strongly recommend that you have your required size (ring size, bracelet length, etc.) determined in advance. If you are still unsure, we will send you the piece of jewellery unengraved for a fitting. We are happy to engrave the article afterwards against the corresponding surcharge. Please keep in mind that in this case there will be new shipping costs.

Engraving does not prolong the delivery time of the product.
Engraving size

A prerequisite for the engraving of a piece of jewellery is that it has a large enough engraving surface. The size and position of the engraving depend on the dimensions of the respective piece of jewellery. Size and position of the engraving are individually adapted to the engraving surface by our experienced engravers. When ordering several pieces together, our engravers may consider the size of the other piece of jewellery. This means that the font size and position of the engraving (to the already received piece of jewellery) may differ when reordering later.
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Total Rating:
  11 Reviews
4.6 of 5
sehr gut
of written on 4/7/2012
5 of 8 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Gutes Material, Schöne Gravur, Gut verarbeitet
of written on 1/5/2013
3 of 3 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Schnelle Bearbeitung und sehr gute Qualität
of written on 12/31/2012
2 of 2 Customers think of this review as helpful.
5 Punkte
of written on 11/27/2013
Sehr schönes und gut verarbeitetes Armband. Ich hatte mit Gravierung bestellt und war auch darüber sehr angenehm überrascht. Auf jeden Fall zum Weiterempfehlen!!!!
1 of 1 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Filigranes, größenverstellbares Armband
of written on 10/5/2013
Sehr schönes Produkt, insbesondere mit der Gravur der Schriftgröße 2 ein super schönes und tolles Produkt
1 of 1 Customers think of this review as helpful.
5 Sterne
of written on 6/29/2016
Mein Freund liebt dieses Armband und trägt es fast jeden Tag. Die Lasergravur sieht einfach gut aus und ist auch sehr gut lesbar.
0 of 0 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Super Lieferung. Gerne wieder
of written on 6/22/2014
0 of 0 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Mein Göttibueb hat sich sehr über das Armband gefreut und ich bin mit der Qualität sehr zufrieden. Top! Gerne wieder.
of written on 5/3/2015
0 of 0 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Echt super!
of written on 12/29/2012
..Aber leider auch für ein schmales Männerhandgelenk ein bisschen zu klein. Passt meinem Freund im letzten Loch.
2 of 3 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Guter Artikel, aber noch ausbaufähig.
of written on 1/2/2015
Das Armband gefällt mir sehr gut, die Gravur sieht hochwertig aus, das Lederarmband ist sehr edel. Ich würde mir nur wünschen, dass es dieses Schmuckstück auch mit längeren Bändern gäbe. Männer haben in den meisten Fällen keine schmalen Handgelenke und es wäre schade, wenn so ein schönes Armband deswegen nie getragen werden kann.
0 of 0 Customers think of this review as helpful.
schön aber kurz
of written on 12/21/2013
Die Gravur ist sehr gut gelungen, jedoch ist es sehr schade das die Länge des Armbands sehr kurz ausgefallen ist. Da es sich eigentlich um ein Herrenarmband meines Wissens nach handelt finde ich dies sehr unrealistisch da kaum ein Mann solch ein dünnes Handgelenk besitzt. Sollte es sich um ein Unisex-Armband handeln, bin ich der Meinung das man die Größe in einem dafür vorgesehenen Fenster angeben kann.
4 of 5 Customers think of this review as helpful.

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