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Anklets are worn around the ankle, i.e. on and for themselves on the leg and not on the foot itself. Anklets have their origin in India, where not only women, but also men equipped themselves with this piece of jewellery. This also had the purpose to percussively support music with the bells attached to it. This is why artists in particular used anklets. Traditionally in India, however, only married women wore anklets. In today's use, where the anklet is represented also in Europe, mainly women wear anklets and only in rare cases men. This jewellery is finely wrought and can be made of gold or silver alloys. In the case of ankle chains, as these jewellery pieces are also called because they are thin and dainty, pendants are often used which show certain motifs or are available in familiar forms (hearts, stars, flowers, etc.). By gemstone trimming also an anklet can be a very exclusive and high-quality piece of jewellery, which can be shown and seen in the summer with short legwear.