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Cut - The cut denotes an important quality feature of every gemstone. In gemology, the science of gemstones, the shape of the final gemstone is understood as the cut. This enhances the shine of the stone by providing it with refractive facets, edges and corners or rounding it off. The cut of a gemstone can follow different patterns that give the stone a characteristic appearance. The later value of the gemstone also depends to a large extent on its cut. There are basically two ways to cut a gemstone: The smooth cut and the facet cut. The smooth cut and the facet cut divide the stone into three parts: The upper part, the lower part and the round bar. With a smooth cut, the upper and lower parts are now cut smooth and round, only the round bar surrounds the stone with a slight edge if necessary. Optical effects such as adultery and asterism can be achieved with stones such as moonstone, rose quartz and malachite thanks to round grinding. The facet cut, on the other hand, with its small, smoothly polished surfaces, provides multi-coloured and numerous refraction of light, the so-called fire of the gemstone. The facet cut can mainly be divided into brilliant cut and stair cut and there are variations of those (e.g. rose cut, pendulumoque).