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The clarity is an important characteristic when it comes to the quality of a gemstone. Besides the cut, the colour and the size, it is the most important characteristic when it comes to evaluating a gemstone. With a diamond, clarity is particularly important because the fewer impurities it has, the clearer the light shines through it and its aesthetic as well as material value is higher. In order to be as pure as possible, a gemstone should have few inclusions in its interior. In particular, the reflection of light, which occurs in a diamond or brilliant-cut diamond via the cut facets, is significantly influenced by purity. The gemstone's own fire, i.e. the shine and sparkle on the surface, is primarily due to the clarity and cut of the stone. Depending on the gemstone and its use, gemstones are not only used in jewellery production but also in technology and there are different cuts for gemstones.

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