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Engravable Jewellery

Its individual characteristics make engravable jewellery a unique type of jewellery. These are pieces of jewellery which are refined by means of engraving. The most common engraving requests are names, initials or meaningful dates. But engraved jewellery can also be beautifully highlighted with special patterns and symbols, giving it a deeper meaning. It is precisely the personalizability that makes this type of jewellery so popular and gives it a real unique selling point compared to non-engraved accessories. Engraving turns pieces of jewellery into real message carriers with idealistic value that last for a long time. The absolute engraved jewellery classics include wedding rings and bracelets with an engraved plate, so-called ID bracelets. The former are regarded as a symbol of love and solidarity and can be perfectly personalised by engraving. The latter, on the other hand, are often given as a present at birth or christenings and are engraved with the newborn's name or date of birth. But bracelets with an engraved plate are not only given away on the arrival of a new citizen of the earth. Engraved bracelets in gold, silver or rosé are also absolutely trendy today as a proof of friendship or love. In addition to these two classics, accessories such as key rings, cufflinks or even high-quality leather bracelets or dog tag chains can also be engraved, creating unique decorative pieces with added value.

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