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The hematite is a very popular gemstone that can be used in all kinds of jewellery. This gemstone is also called bloodstone, specularite, iserine or iron luster and has the chemical formula Fe2O3. Hematites belong to the mineral class of oxides with metal and thus also have a matt metallic shine, which is characteristic for it. The hematite is a mineral that can be found very frequently and is therefore particularly popular in jewellery production where it can be purchased at favourable conditions. Hematite is usually black, although it also frequently appears in a reddish-brown colour. The name of the gemstone comes from the Greek and means blood. Therefore, this stone is often referred to as "bloodstone" in English. Hematites were already valued in antiquity because they were used as mirrors after thorough polishing. Historical evidence shows that hematite was mined more than 20,000 years ago. When used in jewellery, hematite is particularly popular in youthful accessories thanks to its metallic sheen. It can appear faceted, but can also be used as a cabochon variation.