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Ice Scraping

When jewellery is labelled "ice-scratched", it says something about the surface quality of the product or the material. If the metal used for the jewellery is covered with numerous fine scratches, it is said to be ice-scratched. In this case, the scratches have been made deliberately and in very large numbers in order to achieve a certain visual effect. Ice-scraped surfaces offer an unusual look, contrasting with the otherwise shiny jewellery metal due to their matt design. For this reason, the technique of ice-scraped surfaces is often used directly in conjunction with the smooth, polished surface, i.e. simultaneously on the same piece of jewellery. In this way, certain patterns can be highlighted and the jewellery is given an individual touch. To achieve the look that makes the surface of the jewellery look like ice that has been cracked several times, the metal is worked with special tools so that the jewellery does not look as if it has been scratched so much through frequent wearing, but the scratch design is immediately recognisable as such.