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Ring Measure

Ring Measure - The ring measure determines the size of the ring and is therefore of enormous importance for the purchase. There are five different measurements to determine the size. The first is the Viennese Unification Measure, which measures the circumference in millimetres. In general, the sizes range from 40 to 70. The French measure also determines the ring size using the circumference in millimetres, but 40 millimetres are subtracted so that the sizes are in a value range from 0 to 30. The third dimension is the diameter dimension. It uses the Viennese unification measure by dividing it by the circle number Pi. The sizes are between 12.5 and 22.5. The English measure uses letters to assign the ring measure. However, the measure only begins with the letter D (corresponds to the Viennese unification measure 41.5) and ends with Z (corresponds to the Viennese unification measure 70). The American measure is the fifth common ring measure. It is mainly used in the USA and Canada and indicates the size in numbers. The measures are from one to 13, whereby each size is additionally provided with a minus. For example 1, 1-, 2, 2-, ..., 13, 13-.

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