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Rolo Chain

The term rolo chain refers to a type of jewellery chain that is defined by the specific way in which its links are arranged. The shape of the links is also decisive. A rolo chain is basically a very classical understanding of a chain, because it consistently implements the principle of interlocking chain links. The uniformity of the elements - the links are always circular - is of particular importance. This type of necklace is not bound to a specific material, there are rolo chains made of gold, silver and of course the corresponding alloys of the most important precious metals. Pendants can be attached to a rolo chain to give the piece of jewellery a special element of refinement. If the chain is not provided with a pendant, then the individual links are usually larger and the chain can be worn as a single piece of jewellery. Rolo chains are available in different sizes, both in terms of length and circumference, and made of different materials.