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Shiny Groove

The shiny groove is a special surface element that is often found on rings. A fine groove is worked into the exterior of the ring, which provides an appealing shine and reflects the light. It is often used to separate different alloys on the surface or other surface designs. Rings with stones are often set in the centre of the shine groove. However, this joint element does not have to be rigidly linear, but can also be wave-shaped, horizontal, diagonal or in other patterns. The shiny groove can also have a different colour or alloy than the rest of the ring band and thus be particularly prominent. In addition, the shiny surface element is not always in the centre, but can also be found only on one outer side. Many rings also have several shiny grooves that interrupt the surface and make the rings sparkle. Shiny grooves are therefore special elements that provide a glow on the surface of rings and act as eye-catchers.

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