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Solar Watch

Some watch manufacturers rely on the use of modern solar technology to supply energy to watches. Solar watches have solar cells inside the dial through which the light is absorbed. The energy generated here is not passed directly to the movement, but is collected in a battery. Solar watches make use of the technology of quartz watches. The power from the battery flows into a quartz movement that sets the gears in motion and thus makes the watch run. The quartz crystal ensures the flow of current between the quartz movement and the battery. To recharge the battery, the clock must be placed in a location with sufficient light. Artificial light is not as effective as natural sunlight because it is weaker. The advantage of watches with solar technology is that there is no need to change the battery and thus no follow-up costs. In the meantime, there are also watches that have a dark power reserve of up to two years. There are also watches with solar power that have an energy-saving function. This stops the hands in poor light conditions, so that only the movement continues to run in the background. Especially the watch manufacturer Citizen (available in our shop) is known for its solar watches.