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Tonda Chain

A tonda chain is a special chain variation in which the arrangement of the links and their shape are important. Since there are many different types of chains, it is worthwhile to divide these into different categories in order to always be able to assign the respective necklace unambiguously. The respective chain types are also designed for certain purposes and have characteristic properties. A tonda chain has numerous links, which are all very closely linked, so that they cannot be distinguished from each other at first glance. The characteristic vertical arrangement of the chain links in a tonda chain additionally ensures that this piece of jewellery looks as if it were made of one piece. Tonda chains have only limited flexibility, which has the advantage that they do not knot and always offer the optimum rounding for a necklace. Thus, a pendant attached to a necklace always stays where it is supposed to be. A tonda chain can also be worn solo without a pendant. For this type of chain, mainly the most common gold alloys 8 and 14 carat gold as well as sterling silver are used. Basically, tonda chains belong to the simple pieces of jewellery, which can be worn both in everyday life and on special occasions.