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Thomas Sabo Necklaces

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Distant cultures, nature and current urban trends inspire the designers of Thomas Sabo to their chain creations. They are made of 925 sterling silver and are partly gilded with modern rose or classic yellow gold. Many of the Thomas Sabo necklaces are also decorated with sparkling zirconia stones and can be engraved by us. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection in our well-assorted online shop and find the Thomas Sabo necklace that will make you beam with joy.

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As individual as you are - Thomas Sabo chains

Lifestyle full of life, individuality and expressiveness - that is what the successful brand Thomas Sabo stands for. With their excellent sense of tomorrow's trends, they are constantly developing existing collections and launching new jewellery lines. Thomas Sabo draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences, from which her varied designs emerge. Sometimes timeless, sometimes romantic, sometimes rocky - there is something for every style. The versatile necklaces are as multi-faceted as you are. The necklaces with their often symbolic pendants should round off your respective look and accompany you through your everyday life. Wear the necklaces with jeans and T-shirt, the classic business outfit and the elegant dress. To many of the Thomas Sabo chains there are also the matching bracelets, rings and ear studs. It all started in 1984: Thomas Sabo, actually a trained precision mechanic, decides to have his unique designs produced in Asia. He sells the sterling silver jewellery to selected dealers at trade fairs. At the beginning of the 1990s he meets graphic designer Susanne Kölbli. As Creative Director she is still responsible for the distinctive style of Thomas Sabo. Sabo hired them to present the goods in an even more attractive way. The two creative minds sparkle with energy and their own ideas - the first silver jewellery collection of their own is created. They are so successful and demand is so high that they opened their first store in Frankfurt am Main in 1998. There are now Thomas Sabo stores and shop-in-shops on all five continents. The brand also cooperates with almost 3,000 retail partners around the world and is one of the most popular jewellery brands worldwide. Twice a year Thomas Sabo fans can look forward to new jewelry creations with which they set new standards time and again. At the same time as the big fashion shows, the brand is presenting its new necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings from the Sterling Silver and Charm Club collections. The collections include the Glam&Soul, Rebel at heart, Karma Beads and the youngest member of the Thomas Sabo family: Love Bridge. Browse through our Thomas Sabo range of chains on THE JEWELLER without any stress - shopping couldn't be more pleasant. Here you have all the time in the world to find the right necklace and consider when you want to wear it. Perhaps you are not looking for yourself, but are looking for a gift? With the enchanting offer of Thomas Sabo chains, the decision is not always easy. So how about a gift certificate from THE JEWELLER? With this you are sure to hit the mark!

Chains by Thomas Sabo - Innovation meets tradition

Necklaces and pendants belong to the oldest known pieces of jewellery in the world. Already the people of the Stone Age wore pendants on leather chains around their necks. The chain also benefited from the mining and knowledge of metal processing: the oldest metal necklace dates back to around 2500 BC. Over the centuries, the manufacturing process has been optimized, various materials have been processed and a variety of chain types have emerged. The first machine-made chains are produced during industrialisation. By 1900, machines were developed for all popular chain types, opening up the market to an even wider audience. Today there are chains in the most different price categories and made of the most different materials, so that everyone can choose the chain that fits for himself. Distant cultures, nature and current urban trends inspire the designers of Thomas Sabo to their chain creations. They consist of 925 sterling silver and are partly provided with a modern rose gold plating or a noble yellow gold plating. Many of the delicate pieces of jewellery for women are also adorned with sparkling zirconia stones. Thomas Sabo jewellery is often a bit bolder in design than many accessories of the other established jewellery brands and this is exactly what fascinates us so much about the jewellery. And thanks to the high-quality materials and precise workmanship you will enjoy your Thomas Sabo chain for a long time. In many cases the pendants have a deeper meaning: The heart is probably the classic among the symbols and has countless ways of interpretation and always conveys a loving message. The hand of Fatima is a protective sign in many cultures and serves, for example, to ward off the evil eye. An angel is also a protective sign and can be found in Thomas Sabo's portfolio. The trendy Infinity sign is simply perfectly beautiful and also stands for strength, willpower and infinity. Even small lucky charms such as the four-leaf clover are incorporated into the filigree ladies' necklaces. For those of you who want to bring out your inner rebels, the Rebel at Heart collection offers the perfect accessories. Black zirconia, polarizing skulls and partially blackened silver make these chains trendy must-haves for men and women. In addition, it is also possible to have the chains engraved with your own personal design. That's why they are a perfect gift idea to give pleasure to yourself or someone else. These personalizable necklaces come from the feminine Glam&Soul and the enchanting Love Brigde line.

How to enjoy shopping

Use the advantages of us as an online jeweller. On THE JEWELLER you can look relaxed for your new favourite chain from Thomas Sabo. And that seven days a week and exactly when you feel like it - completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays. Thanks to the uncomplicated online ordering process, you can have your selection delivered directly to your home without great effort. And if you have any questions, our qualified and friendly customer service will be happy to help you. Useful information about chains and practical silver care tips can be found in our jewellery encyclopedia