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You are looking for an accessory that perfectly complements your style? Then the Thomas Sabo rings from our online shop could be just the right thing for you! The brand is known for expressive designs and therefore loved by fashionistas. Thanks to the variety of designs, there is a Thomas Sabo ring to suit every taste. They are made of 925 silver, some of which are coated with high-quality gold. In addition, many of the Thomas Sabo rings are decorated with real diamonds, zirconia or other high-quality gemstones.

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Thomas Sabo rings - classic, elegant and with a touch of extravagance

The ring as a piece of jewellery has been worn by people for thousands of years. They are regarded as a sign of religious status, provide information about a person's profession and symbolize durability as a wedding ring. Just as versatile is their function, so versatile can their design: there are filigree rings in a discreetly elegant look, opulently set models with jewellery and precious stones, rings in warm shiny yellow gold, with precious silver shine or in modern rose. And a wide range of different ring designs can be found in the high-quality Thomas Sabo rings in our online shop. The success story began over 30 years ago: Thomas Sabo, actually a trained precision mechanic, decides to have his unique designs produced in Asia in 1984. He sells the sterling silver jewellery to selected dealers at trade fairs. At the beginning of the 1990s he meets graphic designer Susanne Kölbli. As Creative Director she is still responsible for the distinctive style of Thomas Sabo. Sabo hired them to present the goods in an even more attractive way. The two creative minds sparkle with energy and their own ideas - the first silver jewellery collection of their own is created. They are so successful and demand is so high that they opened their first store in Frankfurt am Main in 1998. There are now Thomas Sabo stores and shop-in-shops on all five continents. The brand also cooperates with almost 3,000 retail partners around the world and is one of the most popular jewellery brands worldwide. Twice a year Thomas Sabo fans can look forward to new jewellery creations with which they set new standards time and again. At the same time as the big fashion shows, the brand is presenting its new necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings from the Sterling Silver and Charm Club collections. The collections include the Glam&Soul, Rebel at heart, Karma Beads and the youngest member of the Thomas Sabo family: Love Bridge. Each collection plays with a different theme and takes up both modern and classically elegant design ideas. In their designs, the designers always take the latest fashion trends into account and cleverly incorporate them into the individual jewellery lines, so that both extremely modern and timelessly elegant models are found. Thomas Sabo has an unmistakable feeling for trends as well as for elegant and extravagant styles. The brand is constantly reinventing itself, developing its existing collections further and drawing inspiration from a wide variety of influences. For this reason Thomas Sabo always manages to set fashion statements and new trends with her jewellery collections. The jewellery is personal, unique and unmistakable. And this is exactly why jewellery lovers all over the world love the brand from Lauf on the Pegnitz. With the ring creations of Thomas Sabo you set accents and bring your different facets to shine, because the rings are as versatile as you are. There is a Thomas Sabo ring to suit every taste. If you are unsure of your ring size, we can send you a Multisizer as an orientation aid. We strongly advise against using a printable template or measuring old rings with a ruler, as the wearing comfort and fit of rings are in the tenths of a millimetre range, so that even the smallest deviations can lead to the ring not fitting properly.

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Distant cultures, nature and current urban trends inspire the designers of Thomas Sabo to their ring creations. They consist of 925 sterling silver and are partly provided with a modern rose gold plating or a noble yellow gold plating. Good to know: Silver has an antibacterial effect and is used in the medical field for wound treatment, as it has the properties of a disinfectant. The other materials used are also characterised by their high quality and attractive colouring. Many of the delicate pieces of jewellery for women are adorned with sparkling zirconia stones. In the meantime, the brand also designs very special ring creations with real diamonds. Colourful semi-precious stones such as spinel and turquoise set the stage for many ring models. Some earrings also have a strong symbolic character, which allows you to make a fashion statement: Thomas Sabo uses crosses, Infinity signs and hearts in his designs. But they also have ring classics in their portfolio: Many of the ring models are therefore also ideal as engagement rings. Thomas Sabo jewellery is often a bit bolder in design than many accessories of the other established jewellery brands and this is exactly what fascinates us so much about the jewellery. The effective jewellery designs inspire fashionistas all over the world. And thanks to the high-quality materials and precise workmanship you will enjoy your new ring from Thomas Sabo for a long time. The rings are a perfect gift idea to give pleasure to yourself or to someone important to you. Whether for a certain occasion, such as a birthday, a passed final examination or simply in between - nothing can go wrong with the expressive ring models.

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Benefit from the advantages of us as an online jeweller: On our website you can search for your new favourite ring by Thomas Sabo at your leisure. You can take as much time as you like in making your decision. Moreover, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping couldn't be more pleasant. Thanks to the uncomplicated online ordering process, you can easily make your selection from the comfort of your own home. And THE JEWELLER won't leave you in the lurch even after that, if you have any questions: Useful information about rings can be found in our jewellery dictionary on THE JEWELLER. And in our style guide you will regularly find new and informative articles about the world of jewellery - we hope you enjoy reading them.