Tommy Hilfiger Rings

Tommy Hilfiger Rings

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The striking Tommy Hilfiger style is classic and cool at the same time and underlines every look with a casual touch. So are the rings of the brand you will find in our assortment. The Tommy Hilfiger rings are made of scratch-resistant stainless steel, some of which has been coated with a high-quality IP coating of gold or rose gold. Take an exploration tour through our well-stocked online shop, be inspired by the appealing selection and find the Tommy Hilfiger ring that suits you perfectly.

Rings by Tommy Hilfiger

The ring as a piece of jewellery has been worn by people for thousands of years. They are regarded as a sign of religious status, provide information about a person's profession and symbolize durability as a wedding ring. Just as versatile is their function, so versatile can their design be: there are filigree rings in a discreetly elegant look, opulently set models with jewellery and precious stones, rings in warm shiny yellow gold, with precious silver shine or in modern rose - there are no limits to the versatile design possibilities. And you will find a wide range of different ring designs at the high quality Tommy Hilfiger rings on THE JEWELLER. They have a lot of attention to detail, their well thought-out design makes them appear youthful and fresh, yet they are easy to combine and suitable for everyday use. The changing and always up-to-date Tommy Hilfiger range from THE JEWELLER always has new ladies' rings ready for you, so that browsing through THE JEWELLER will never be boring. Here you have all the time in the world to find the right model and to consider exactly when you want to wear your new ladies' ring. And that seven days a week and at the time that suits you best - far away from the hustle and bustle and stress. Rings of the popular brand Tommy Hilfiger captivate with their all-American style or the so-called preppy look. In this context, preppy means that a high standard of living is expressed through clothing and accessories in a reserved way. Design elements from sailing fashion can be found here as well as innovative design designs in the classic style. The discreet elegance, combined with sporty and maritime accents and a refined design will inspire you and bring you many compliments and admiring glances. The trademark of Tommy Hilfiger is the white-red-blue flag, which can be found on some models of the Tommy Hilfiger Ring collections. Hilfiger's logo is inspired by his monogram in the flag alphabet and not, as many believe, based on the American flag. The design of the women's rings is inspired by the brand's current fashion collections, so that they always harmonise perfectly with the latest looks and yet still have a timeless character. Thanks to their unagitated design, Tommy Hilfiger's women's rings naturally also match garments from other brands and designers. Combine the hand jewellery with bracelets, necklaces, watches and earrings of the brand or with other treasures from your jewellery box. Let your creativity run wild. Founded in 1985 and based in Amsterdam since 2006, the company offers the highest quality in both processing and choice of materials at a fair price. With over 30 years of experience, Tommy Hilfiger also has a trained eye for the latest trends in fashion, accessories and lifestyle.

Whether reserved or opulent - rings by Tommy Hilfiger are always a good choice

Stud earrings are practical, comfortable to wear and match a wide range of styles and outfits. That's why they're so popular. Whether in gold, pink or silver stainless steel, playful or restrained and elegant, on THE JEWELLER you will surely find the right thing for you. Some of Tommy Hilfiger's earrings sparkle enchantingly with zirconia stones, which are always perfectly matched in colour to the yellow-golden, silver or rose-golden plating of the rest of the ear jewellery. Other ladies' earrings are decorated with different coloured enamel accents. The ladies' ear studs are closed with practical butterfly clasps, which ensure quick putting on and taking off and a high wearing comfort and secure hold. Whether in the office, in the evening or in a simple casual dress, Tommy Hilfiger jewellery is the ideal accessory with a high-quality workmanship and never puts itself too much in the foreground. They are decorated with typical elements by Tommy Hilfiger, such as the characteristic flag, a red, blue, white colouring or the Hilfiger lettering - striking casualness that is right on trend.

Tommy Hilfiger Creoles

The jewellery collections of this renowned brand offer the right design for every taste. Whether made of silver, pink or yellow-gold-plated stainless steel, with or without zirconia trim - at Tommy Hilfiger you will find elegant ladies' rings for festive evening events as well as rings that beautify your everyday life with their discreet shine. The different ring models are so varied in their design, but all so enchanting in their own way that one can hardly decide. Like the fashion collections, the striking Tommy Hilfiger style is clearly recognisable - classic and cool at the same time. Combine these gorgeous rings with a bracelet, necklace or earrings by Tommy Hilfiger - at THE JEWELLER you are sure to find something to match. Of course, the rings harmonize perfectly with your existing jewellery due to their uncomplicated style. Regardless of whether you want to give yourself one of the rings as a present or make a very special person happy, with a ring by Tommy Hilfiger you are always right. In addition, with jewellery of the popular brand you demonstrate a feeling for both modern and classic jewellery with refined design and precise workmanship. Rings must be comfortable, otherwise you will quickly lose the desire to wear them. The jewelry designers of Tommy Hilfiger know this and make sure with great care and the necessary know-how that you don't want to take off your new ring at all. The smooth polished inner sides of the ring rails and the rounded edges make even the widest ring very comfortable to wear. In addition, many of the rings are made of robust stainless steel and this has several advantages: Stainless steel is very hard and more scratch-resistant than silver or gold jewellery. Moreover, stainless steel jewellery does not tarnish, is anti-allergic and can be easily cleaned with a soft, fibre-free cloth, water and detergent. So you will enjoy your new ring from Tommy Hilfiger for a long time. If you are unsure of your ring size, we can send you a Multisizer as an orientation aid. We strongly advise against using a printable template or measuring old rings with a ruler, as the wearing comfort of rings is in the tenth of a millimetre range.

Advantages of THE JEWELLER

On THE JEWELLER you can look for your ideal Tommy Hilfiger ring in peace and quiet and take as much time as you like in your decision. Moreover, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping couldn't be more relaxed. By the uncomplicated on-line order you can order your new favourite ring fast and without large expenditure directly to your home. And THE JEWELLER won't leave you in the lurch even after that, if you have any questions: Useful information about rings can be found in our jewellery encyclopedia on THE JEWELLER and our blog regularly contains new and informative articles about the world of jewellery - we hope you enjoy reading it.