Tommy Hilfiger Earrings

Tommy Hilfiger Earrings

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Classic elegance, combined with sporty and maritime accents and refined designs - that's what Tommy Hilfiger earrings are all about. In our assortment you will find an appealing selection of earrings of the brand. They are made of scratch-resistant stainless steel, some of which has been provided with a high-quality IP coating of gold or rose gold. In addition, some of the Tommy Hilfiger earrings are set with zirconia or other gemstones. In our online shop you will surely find the perfect earrings by Tommy Hilfiger for you.

Plugs, creoles and hangers by Tommy Hilfiger

Earrings were already worn in the antiquity by different cultures and is not without reason until today so popular. Earrings frame the face and should not be missing in many women, are usually worn every day and matched to the respective outfit. Earrings of the popular brand Tommy Hilfiger captivate with their all-American style or the so-called preppy look. In this context, preppy means that a high standard of living is expressed through clothing and accessories in a reserved way. Design elements from sailing fashion can be found here as well as innovative design designs in the classic style. The classic elegance, combined with sporty and maritime accents and a refined design will inspire you and bring you many compliments and admiring glances. On THE JEWELLER you will find selected models of the renowned brand. You can choose between models of ear studs made of different coloured and high-quality processed stainless steel, some of which are set with zirconia stones or captivate with coloured enamel accents. You can also find the hip hoop earrings in the THE JEWELLER range. These inspire by perfectly shaped design art and by the practical clip or butterfly clasps it is very easy and comfortable for you to put on and take off the earrings. Many of the earrings are decorated with typical Tommy Hilfiger elements, so that everyone can see that you value quality jewellery creations. The high-contrast earrings with great attention to detail by Tommy Hilfiger belong on every wish list and offer models to suit every age and taste. In addition, earrings are perfect to give as a gift or to delight yourself - with the tasteful and modern earrings by Tommy Hilfiger you are always right. You don't have to find out the right size first, as with rings and bracelets, for example. Tommy Hilfiger's trademark is the white, red, blue flag that is stylised onto some of the ladies' earrings. Hilfiger's logo is inspired by his monogram in the flag alphabet and not, as many believe, based on the American flag. The design of the earrings is inspired by the brand's current fashion collections, so they are always in perfect harmony with the latest looks, yet still have a timeless character. Due to their unagitated design, the ear studs and earrings naturally also fit garments of other brands and designers. Combine the ear jewellery with bracelets, watches and chains of the brand or with other treasures from your jewellery box. On THE JEWELLER you will find other jewelry by Tommy Hilfiger that fits your new earrings perfectly. Let your creativity run wild. Founded in 1985 and based in Amsterdam since 2006, the company offers the highest quality in both processing and choice of materials at a fair price. With over 30 years of experience, Tommy Hilfiger also has a trained eye for the latest trends in fashion, accessories and lifestyle.

Ladies earrings with typical Tommy Hilfiger accents

Stud earrings are practical, comfortable to wear and match a wide range of styles and outfits. That's why they're so popular. Whether in gold, pink or silver stainless steel, playful or restrained and elegant, on THE JEWELLER you will surely find the right thing for you. Some of Tommy Hilfiger's earrings sparkle enchantingly with zirconia stones, which are always perfectly matched in colour to the yellow-golden, silver or rose-golden plating of the rest of the ear jewellery. Other ladies' earrings are decorated with different coloured enamel accents. The ladies' ear studs are closed with practical butterfly clasps, which ensure quick putting on and taking off and a high wearing comfort and secure hold. Whether in the office, in the evening or in a simple casual dress, Tommy Hilfiger jewellery is the ideal accessory with a high-quality workmanship and never puts itself too much in the foreground. They are decorated with typical elements by Tommy Hilfiger, such as the characteristic flag, a red, blue, white colouring or the Hilfiger lettering - striking casualness that is right on trend.

Tommy Hilfiger Creoles

Creoles have been around for centuries and it is impossible to imagine the world of ear jewellery without them. Originally, they were worn by seafarers, among others, and engraved with their initials to facilitate identification after a ship accident. Nowadays creoles are worn all over the world. The Hoop earrings by Tommy Hilfiger for ladies are very popular because they are rich in detail without being too intrusive and therefore they are highly combinable. The foldable stainless steel creoles are closed with easy-to-use clip clasps. The noble shine is partly supported by high-quality zirconia, which makes the look of the ear jewellery even more exclusive. In addition to completely closed hoop earrings for women, Tommy Hilfiger also offers semi-creoles in the collections, which you will find on THE JEWELLER. Like the brand's other earrings, these are elaborately designed and captivate with detachable pendants, for example, so that you can create several looks with a pair of earrings - exceptionally beautiful and perfectly shaped.

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On THE JEWELLER you can search for your ideal Tommy Hilfiger earrings in peace and quiet and take as much time as you like with your decision - far away from hectic and stress. Moreover, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping couldn't be more relaxed. By the uncomplicated on-line order you can order your new favourite ear jewellery fast and without large expenditure directly to your home. And THE JEWELLER won't leave you in the lurch even after that, if you have any questions: You will find useful information on the subject of ear jewellery in our jewellery encyclopedia on THE JEWELLER and on our blog you will regularly find new and informative articles on the world of jewellery - we hope you enjoy reading it.