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Diamond pendant with engraving

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With a personal engraving you can create a unique piece of jewellery. In our assortment you will find engravable diamond pendants made of 925 silver, some of which have been coated with a high-quality gilding or rosé gilding. Our experienced engravers will be happy to engrave your new diamond pendant with your personal message, an important date or initials. You can choose between laser or diamond engraving. Go on a discovery tour in our online shop and find your favourite.

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Diamond pendant with engraving - personalizable premium jewelry

You are looking for a pendant that has an exclusive touch and can also be customized? Then you are absolutely right with our engraving pendants with diamond! At THE JEWELLER you will find engravable diamond pendants in classic, modern and romantic designs - decide for yourself which one you like best. Then you think about what to engrave and our in-house engraving service will make your wish come true. You can choose whether you want laser or diamond engraving for almost all pieces of jewellery. With laser engraving, material layers are removed by means of a laser. The resulting dust is burned directly back into the piece of jewellery, creating the colour of the writing. Diamond engraving is a colourless relief engraving. This is carved into the piece of jewellery with a diamond. A diamond pendant with engraving is not only suitable to make you happy yourself, it is also an excellent gift to show someone how important he is for you.

Engravable pendant with diamond - for individualists with style

The most important characteristics of a diamond are cut, color, clarity and carat. Basically, a stone can be either faceted or polished. With a facet cut, the optimal refraction of light is aimed at, so that the typical fire of the diamond is produced. The polishing of a diamond, as with a cabochon cut, promises an ideal view of the purity of the gemstone. The colour of diamonds is classified according to a standardised colour scale. This ranges from D (ultra-fine white+) to Z (maximum tinted yellow). More intense colours deeper than Z are considered fancy diamonds. The stones used in the diamond pendants with engraving by THE JEWELLER under G (Fine White). The purity of a diamond is influenced by the number and size of the inclusions in the stone. Almost all our diamonds fall into the category of small inclusions. This means that the inclusions are easily visible under the microscope at ten times magnification, but not with the naked eye. The carat number is the weight of gemstones and should not be confused with the carat number, which indicates the purity of gold. The carat number only indicates the weight and not the size of the diamond.

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Our passion is personalized jewellery. Therefore you will find in our assortment diamond pendants, which you can have refined with an individual engraving. All engravings are made on site at THE JEWELLER and are created using the latest technologies that enable precise results. Accordingly, we are able to fulfil even the most demanding engraving requests and send them quickly. The purchase of diamond jewellery is a matter of trust. That is why we strictly adhere to our quality standards and purchase our diamonds exclusively from conflict-free sources. Through the uncomplicated online ordering you can have your engravable pendant with diamond delivered to your home without great effort - shopping can not be more uncomplicated.