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The great variety of silver pendants with engraving in our online shop will inspire you! The varied designs - whether minimalist, elegant or rocking - you will surely find the matching engraving pendant made of silver here. Many of the pendants are gilded or rose gilded and set with real diamonds, zirconia, pearls or other high-quality gemstones. Go on a discovery tour and find your favourite engravable pendant made of 925 sterling silver.

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Jewellery is not always the same. As different as people's clothing styles are, so are their tastes when it comes to accessories and costume jewellery.Silver pendants with engraving, as they are available here in our shop, are no exception and are therefore available in many different shapes and designs. You are sure to find suitable engravable silver pendants for every occasion. Such occasions can be very different and therefore the silver pendants with engraving are designed differently, so that these pieces of jewellery can be selected to suit every type and every taste. For example, should it be a beautiful decorative pendant that has an indefinite form and thus no fixed meaning? No problem with THE JEWELLER! Or should it rather be a necklace with a small heart to give pleasure to your partner and pass on a particularly unique and individual piece of jewellery by engraving? Also no problem with the large selection of us. Numerous other forms of dog tags are available to create the right piece of jewellery for many occasions and occasions and to give special pleasure with personal engraving.

Engravable pendants made of silver with level

With jewellery it is always of particular importance that a certain level is reached, which makes class and style consciousness visible to the outside world. With the right jewellery elegance can be proven and the icing on the cake can be put on the worn outfit.Engravable pendants made of silver, as they are available here for you, can now be even more than that, they still represent a high ideal value to the material and fashion aspect. Thus, the personal dedication that is inscribed on the piece of jewellery is from a special person and shows his closeness. Whether the engravable silver pendant should be for your partner, a family member or a friend, that is completely up to you in the selection, just like the individual dedication, which you can have applied by our experts. We also offer other pieces of jewellery: In our upper category Pendants with engraving you get a complete overview.

Silver pendant with engraving - Including matching silver necklace

At THE JEWELLER you can order with the new silver pendant with engraving also the matching necklace made of 925 silver in different lengths and thus receive a complete package. The silver engravable pendants can be given away directly or worn by yourself and you can be sure that the necklace fits. Silver pendants with engraving are personal pieces of jewellery, which convince not only with their high material value but also with an individual touch and make hearts beat faster. Here you can get them for a special price!