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Finding the right ring size is not easy and it would be a pity if the ring you ordered does not fit or does not please you. Especially with wedding rings this would be more than annoying. At THE JEWELLER we want you to feel completely comfortable and well advised, therefore we offer a fitting service. Here, we send you original reproductions of your desired ring. In our online shop you will also find a so-called multisizer. This serves as an orientation aid for determining ring sizes.

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Ring dimensions - for young and old

Rings have always been one of the most popular pieces of jewellery and not without reason: they become a great eye-catcher on the finger and set unique accents. However, to ensure that a ring fits optimally on the finger and does not slip or even pinch off the skin, the correct ring size is decisive. Whether you want to give a piece of jewellery as a gift or buy it for yourself, it doesn't matter - you should know the ideal ring dimensions when choosing the piece of jewellery. So accessories can give others or yourself a special pleasure. Selected with an excellent ring size, rings on the hand do not really matter and do not interfere with daily hand movements. At THE JEWELLER you will find jewellery with any ring size, so that you can choose the right one for your requirements.

Ring size - for every requirement

Take your time to browse through our online shop and be inspired by our range. Here you will find jewellery for every taste and in best quality as well as with an excellent wearing comfort. Always choose everything carefully so that it fits perfectly and can be shown to its best advantage. You can discover rings in the online shop for all ring sizes and age groups - from variants for children to jewellery for adults. If you do not know the correct ring size, you can simply measure it in case of doubt - this way you will find the right piece of jewellery for your fingers. If you want to give accessories as a gift, it is advisable to ask for the right ring size in advance - so you can make others happy with jewellery from THE JEWELLER and put a smile on their faces.

Ring dimensions - discover great pieces of jewellery in our online shop

THE JEWELLER has the most beautiful designs ready for you. Discover jewellery made of classic, noble gold or fashionable, shiny silver. Be inspired by sparkling stones and enchanting motifs. And choose your favourite piece of jewellery or let yourself be captivated by several accessories. And so that every piece of jewellery can unfold its effect excellently, you should pay attention to the correct ring size. You can choose this conveniently - make sure you have chosen the ideal ring dimensions before you buy. Once you have found one or more pieces of jewellery and specified the optimum ring size using a filter, you can order everything conveniently online and have it delivered to your home. Now make others happy or reward yourself. Have fun with THE JEWELLER!