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In our assortment you will also find clasps and practical extension chains, with which you can individually adapt your chains and bracelets to your needs. Carabiner and spring ring clasps are the classic clasps for jewellery, but we also carry practical ball clasps. They are made of 925 silver and partly gilded. On an exploratory tour through our well-stocked online shop you are sure to find the perfect clasp for your piece of jewellery.

Closures - best quality

A clasp for jewellery is an important link in jewellery, because it reliably holds chains, earrings and watches together. Without it, the jewel would fall off and either be damaged or even lost. In addition, closures can make a fashion statement, for example by using them in a different colour or material. THE JEWELLER offers you a large selection of high-quality jewellery and accessories - here you are sure to find the right clasp for your jewellery. Whether filigree, simple variant or expressive, large element, discover the matching in our online shop. All our products are of the best quality and thus guarantee best function, a first-class design and a unique wearing comfort. Be inspired by the colourful world of jewellery.

Fastener for jewellery - for every taste

At THE JEWELLER you will find closures for every demand - for young and old. We attach importance to a careful and precise processing as well as the use of best materials, so that you will find with us a clasp for jewellery, which looks for itself in things functionality. Find top-quality clasps to add a quality element to your jewelry and preserve its value. With a jewellery clasp you invest in the longevity of your treasures and can ensure that they hold optimally and do not fall off your body. Of course, you can also simply give the accessories away and make others happy. Our range offers you the right thing for every taste - from classic to stylish. Let us convince you!

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The world of jewellery is great and THE JEWELLER shows you the most beautiful variations. To find in our online shop exactly the clasp for jewellery you are looking for, you can simply use our filter function. Enter your favorite brands and choose your budget. You can also specify further design properties such as material, colour and type - and then have a great, exquisite selection presented to you. The closures will surely inspire you. Once you have found a fashionable clasp for jewellery, you can order it - of course also with other jewellery, accessories and further accessories - conveniently online and have it delivered to your home. Look forward to great designs and high quality products with THE JEWELLER.