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Unique Dummy service for gold wedding rings DUMMY

Unique Dummy service for gold wedding rings DUMMY

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Dummy service especially for our gold, platinum and palladium wedding rings

The purchase of your wedding rings is a very special moment. This decision should be for eternity. With our dummy service you get the certainty that you like the rings and that they fit. You will receive stainless steel replicas of the original wedding rings (dummies). Altogether we can send you 4 rings in different sizes. The rings have a width of 3mm.

  • Large ring selection
  • Choose your wedding rings without any time pressure and try them on at home
  • Risk of a wrong purchase does not apply
  • Free ring measure (multisizer) for size determination if the ordered rings do not fit

Expiration of your order:
  • Enter the model number of the wedding ring you wish to order
  • Select up to four ring sizes
  • Finalize order
  • After receipt of the order: try on the rings

For the dummy service we charge a deposit of 55,- EUR and a service fee of 15,- EUR, including shipping costs. The fee of 15,- EUR will be deducted from the refund when returning the goods. The resulting balance will be refunded. If required, we can send you more sample rings for the ring sizes determined with the multisizer. For each new sample ring we charge 5,- EUR, plus shipping costs. We will of course refund the costs for the additional sample rings after they are returned to us.

Return shipment:
You will receive a free return shipment (insured DHL online returns including tracking). For this purpose, please print out the package label via the return service. The free return shipment is only possible within Germany. If you would like to have several dummies for viewing, please order this offer several times (a maximum of two different dummy models can be sent).

The dummy service can be used for a maximum of two different models. Please order the additional sample rings by e-mail or phone. It is not possible to order sample rings without the dummy service. You will find the dummy service - if the service is available for a model - on the product page of the respective wedding rings. Rauschmayer wedding rings are excluded from the dummy service.

Description of the dummy rings and sample rings:
The replicas of the later gold, platinum or palladium wedding rings are made of stainless steel, these look like the later wedding rings (minimal deviations are possible). The size, texture and surface finish of these dummies cannot be changed. The ladies ring dummy is delivered with zirconia stones. The zirconia, when individually set in a ring, has approximately the same size as a 0.03 ct. Diamond - if the original ring model has set a correspondingly smaller stone, please bear this in mind. If the dummy contains several zirconia stones, the stone size is correspondingly smaller and corresponds to a 0.01 or 0.02 ct. diamonds. The sample rings are stainless steel rings which are only used to determine the size. They are supplied in a ring width of 3 mm and are slightly cambered on the inside. They are not an example for the later real wedding rings.