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Necklaces made of 925 silver are available in numerous design variations and are therefore among the absolute favourites among jewellery fans. In our assortment you will find silver necklaces for women, men and children. With some chains and necklaces the silver was coated with a high-quality gold plating or rose gold plating. In addition, many of the silver necklaces are decorated with diamonds, zirconia, pearls or other precious stones. Get inspired by the large selection in our online shop and find your new favourite necklace made of sterling silver.

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Silver chains in various variations

Silver chains are a real eye-catcher and are therefore among THE JEWELLER's absolute favourites. The jewellery online shop builds on an extremely versatile assortment of attractive chains, held in a sparkling 925 silver, which gives the jewellery pieces an elegant character. Women have always felt addressed by the simple, silver chains and put on the high-quality silver jewellery equally in everyday life, but also on special occasions. Accordingly, the variations of silver chains in the shop are very versatile. Among them filigree silver chains, which set a puristic-elegant accent as an accessory. But there are also chains available which are characterised by eye-catching, large chain links and, for example, combined with an extravagant pendant, are a great accessory for festive evening wear. This versatility is one of the reasons why silver chains are one of the most popular options in the shop at THE JEWELLER.

925 silver necklaces - classics for every occasion

With a silver chain you always make the right choice when it comes to a decorative piece of jewellery. The chains captivate with their cool silver tone, which can be combined almost playfully with different colours and styles. This is why many choose a simple silver chain and match the rest of the accessories to it. Combined with matching earrings, bracelets or rings, this creates a harmonious jewellery composition that is suitable for everyday or festive occasions. This is another reason why silver jewellery and necklaces made of 925 silver have enjoyed enormous popularity for some time - especially in the ladies' world.

High-quality chain as a companion for leisure and festive days

The special thing about silver chains is surely that they are equally suitable as an accessory for everyday life but also for festive situations. While gold jewellery often seems a little exaggerated and less fitting in leisure time, the simple chains in 925 silver are an unrestrictedly excellent choice to give a leisure look that certain extra. Ultimately, however, it is a very individual question whether you prefer gold jewellery or silver chains as an accessory. However, it is undisputed that silver chains offer enormous flexibility in terms of combination options. The cool, restrained silver tone goes beautifully with dark, bright but also fresh and spring-like colours, which is why women prefer to use silver chains in their search for leisure jewellery. Whether it should then be a filigree, simple or eye-catching chain is at the discretion of the respective buyer.

Silver necklaces with or without pendant

Silver necklaces can be worn with or without pendants. That's why THE JEWELLER's online jewellery shop also offers models that can be complemented with any pendant. You can also find necklaces that already have a decorative silver pendant. Especially with simple silver necklaces, which serve as leisure jewellery, one likes to do without an eye-catching pendant, since the jewellery can be combined more easily with fashion and other accessories and is not placed too much in the focus itself. Simple chains are therefore absolutely in vogue and appeal especially to women who can make friends with rather reserved silver jewellery. Necklaces with pendants, however, are an excellent choice to provide an extravagant highlight, for example combined with a festive dress. Especially when the pendant also comes with stone or has an extravagant shape. This is why classic heart-shaped pendants, lettering or angel wings are particularly popular. Such pendants including silver necklace are of course also available in the THE JEWELLER jewellery online shop.

Sparkling jewellery as an individual gift idea

With silver chains as a present you make a very imaginative and classic choice, which should delight especially real jewellery lovers. Chains are also extremely practical, as, unlike rings or bracelets, there is no need to indicate the size. The chain can be extended or shortened at will and can therefore decorate any neck without problems. When looking for the right chain, the only thing that matters in the end is its look or style. This raises the question of whether the future wearer would prefer a simple model or would rather make friends with a broad, eye-catching chain. Then there is the question of the trailer. If the silver chain serves as a gift, a matching pendant is certainly a good idea. Especially when it is intended as a romantic gift, for example as part of the wedding day. Men who want to please their beloved so much often choose a decorative and stone pendant in the shape of a heart. A variant with individual engraving could also be considered, which serves as an extremely personal gift. With a silver chain as a gift, "man" can't really do much wrong, since ladies with a particular affinity for jewellery can hardly resist the charm of this classic chain.

Silver chains in the jewellery online shop

Since the enthusiasm for the classic silver chains is still unbroken, THE JEWELLER also relies on a wide range of models in the most diverse designs. The jewellery online shop should therefore be the right place to go for anyone who is either looking for a dreamlike silver chain or is looking for a suitable gift idea for a friend or beloved jewellery fan. Whether simple or extravagant chains with an unusual pendant are in demand depends entirely on the respective preferences. In view of the large selection, however, it should not be a problem to find a chain that corresponds to one's own style or that could provide bright eyes as a present.