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Heart jewellery with diamonds

Timeless classics – jewellery with diamonds

There is hardly anything more beautiful in the world of jewellery than sparkling diamonds. Diamonds stand for pure elegance, exclusivity and style. That is why jewellery with diamonds looks particularly classy and refines every outfit. The range of diamond jewellery in our online shop includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with diamonds. You can choose between jewellery made of sterling silver and 14K or 18K gold (yellow gold, white gold and rose gold). Some rings are also available in platinum or titanium. A large selection of beautiful engagement rings and wedding rings with diamonds completes our range. The designs of our jewellery are versatile and range from classic and simple to modern and extravagant designs. Our range includes jewellery with a classic heart or cross design or a modern circle motif. You will also find romantic creations that combine diamonds and pearls. With diamond jewellery from our brand Unique, our premium brand Brilladia, Brilladia FairJewel and other brands, there is a perfect accessory for every taste and style. What all pieces of jewellery for men and women have in common, however, are high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. Discover high-quality jewellery with diamonds now in our online shop at THE JEWELLER and be inspired by our jewellery creations!

Diamonds – precious companions for eternity

No precious stone is as valuable and coveted as the diamond. And that is not surprising because diamonds are the hardest stones found in nature. Their hardness and breathtaking sparkle make them unique gemstones. The quality of diamonds is assessed by experts using four criteria known as the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. The diamond's fascinating sparkle only unfolds through its specific cut. Rough diamonds, on the other hand, are very inconspicuous. The brilliant cut is one of the most popular cuts because of its exceptional brilliance due to an optimal dispersion of white light within the stone. But other cuts, such as the drop cut, the oval cut or the princess cut are also common and make a diamond shine. The clarity of a diamond also plays a major role. This refers to the number of inclusions or impurities that the diamond has. These can occur during the crystallisation process of diamonds and reduce their quality. The clarity classifications of diamonds range from „flawless“ to „Piqué III“. Diamonds are only considered „flawless“ if an expert cannot detect any inclusions under a 10-fold magnification. However, diamonds with such a clarity are very rare. The colour of a diamond can also vary in nature and is one of the value-determining characteristics of these stones. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has created a colour scale that ranges from D (colourless) to Z (noticeable colour). The whiter or more colourless a diamond is, the higher its quality is rated. The carat number indicates the weight of a diamond and also influences its value. In addition, it is now possible to produce diamonds in the laboratory using modern manufacturing processes. The so-called „lab-grown diamonds“ are absolutely equivalent to naturally occurring diamonds because they have the same hardness, quality and sparkle as real diamonds. At the same time, lab-grown diamonds have the advantage of being very environmentally friendly, resource-saving and inexpensive. Our diamond guide in THE JEWELLER’s jewellery encyclopaedia has even more interesting facts about diamonds for you. And our online shop offers a large selection of different pieces of jewellery with diamonds for women and men. With our premium brand Brilladia FairJewel, we also have wonderful pieces of jewellery with lab-grown diamonds in our range. Take a look around and let yourself be enchanted by their incomparable beauty!

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Buying diamond jewellery is all about trust. We want to make your buying decision as easy as possible. That is why we give you all the information you need. As an established online jeweller with many years of experience, we offer you high-quality jewellery with diamonds in fabulous designs in our online shop. Because we also place great value on ethical aspects, our diamonds come exclusively from conflict-free sources. The diamond jewellery of our premium brand Brilladia FairJewel is characterised by sparkling lab-grown diamonds of the best quality. These are created in the laboratory using an innovative process and are equal in quality to natural diamonds as well as particularly sustainable. Furthermore, all our diamonds have a certificate of authenticity, which contains information about their value-determining characteristics. This includes, above all, the carat number, the colour and the clarity of the diamonds. You can find all this information in the product description of the item before you make your purchase decision. The uncomplicated ordering process is followed by secure and fast shipping. As a certified online shop with a seal of approval, you also benefit from the Trusted Shops buyer protection. This helps to ensure that your shopping experience at THE JEWELLER is a pleasant one.