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Pearl earrings

Pearl jewellery for natural beauty

With unique jewellery, you will stand out from the crowd, feel comfortable and round off your evening gown in a proper manner. Not only visually jewellery has a beneficial effect: The right jewellery instills self-confidence and expresses fashion consciousness. But in order for you to find the right piece of jewellery for every occasion, you need the appropriate variety and choice. For this reason, you made the right choice with THE JEWELLER, because here you will not only find the right jewellery for official occasions, but also for every other event. Jewellery for everyday life, jewellery for work or jewellery for special occasions: show off your beauty even better with great jewellery from THE JEWELLER. Especially pearl jewellery is trendy because it combines fashion consciousness, an authentic sense of style and elegance at the same time. Experience the extensive product range of jewellery with high-quality and beautiful pearls. No matter if you are looking for a ring, earrings, a bracelet or necklaces: THE JEWELLER promises the right jewellery for every taste. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You will see that you can find the right accessory for every demand and every requirement. The extensive selection of jewellery combined with numerous other advantages, which you will only find at THE JEWELLER, will give you a special online shopping experience that you wouldn't want to miss. To achieve this goal, you can expect special services that not only save you money but also help you to find the right jewellery for your character or your outfit.

Jewellery with pearls in all variations

Jewellery with pearls offers an incredible variety of possibilities because pearls have enjoyed a high status since the beginning of human history. That's why you'll find all kinds of pearl jewellery at THE JEWELLER. You are searching for pearl earrings? Then you might like the shiny pearl stud earrings made of sterling silver. These earrings will draw all the attention on you at any event. They have a polished surface, are stamped and nickel-free. With a diameter of 11.9 mm and a thickness of 5.3 mm, these are ideal for elegant evening dresses. The stunning design of these earrings is rounded off by the beaded stone setting which makes this piece of jewellery a great choice. Of course, the matching ring should not be missing as a complement to its corresponding earrings. Here, for example, a sterling silver pearl ring is recommended. In sizes from 50 mm to 60 mm, this exclusive ring is not only made of particularly high-quality silver but is also complemented by an elegant and at the same time special design. All eyes are immediately drawn to the pearl stone setting. With a rhodium-plated surface, the pearl ring promises a very high wearing comfort and therefore should not be missing in your jewellery collection. If you are looking for a matching pearl bracelet, you will find it at THE JEWELLER as well. A modern pearl bracelet with a cross pendant in the colour gold might be the right match for you. This bracelet consisting of beautiful pearls is complemented by an elegant pendant, which is refined with a zirconia stone setting. With a length of 20 cm, a width of 4.1 mm and a thickness of 4.1 mm, you can look forward to envious looks from others when wearing this piece of jewellery. Rounded off by gold-plated sterling silver, this variation of pearl jewellery is just one of the many possibilities available to you at THE JEWELLER.

Benefit from pearl jewellery and other extras

Jewellery with pearls is timeless, elegant and versatile - you will soon notice this when it comes to the pearl jewellery offered on THE JEWELLER. But of course, you should not only profit from the jewellery, but also from numerous other advantages. Our goal is to give you a first-class online shopping experience. THE JEWELLER achieves this with services you've never seen before in other jewellery online stores. On the one hand, you can save money as soon as your order exceeds a value of 100 euros because THE JEWELLER will pay the shipping costs for you from this value on. If you are not convinced yet, our shopping assistant might impress you. In case you don't know yet which piece of jewellery to choose, the THE JEWELLER shopping assistant will help you. With this assistant, you can look for suitable jewellery to a certain colour or to a special outfit. If you have found the suitable jewellery for your intent, you have the opportunity to personalize many of the offered pieces of jewellery with individual messages. Thanks to the engraving service, your new piece of jewellery can be engraved in different fonts. These and many other advantages should convince you of THE JEWELLER's competence, experience and willingness to do something good for you so that you will soon be able to call the noble jewellery your own.