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Citizen watches combine selected materials and high-quality workmanship with innovative technology and the highest design art. Citizen developed the Eco Drive, which generates energy from light. Visually, Citizen's ladies' and men's watches are clearly structured and discreetly designed; only the multifunction watches and sports chronographs have a multitude of displays and functions that make the appearance of the watches look appealingly complex. In our online shop you will surely find the Citizen watch that suits you perfectly.

Watches from CITIZEN - Tradition meets innovation

"BETTER STARTS NOW" is the brand slogan of the watch manufacturer CITIZEN. And the company skilfully implements this motto. CITIZEN is constantly striving to improve the technology and design of its watches. This is why watches of the renowned brand are so popular and some models and series have become real classics and collectors' items. The selected materials and the high-quality workmanship are combined in all watch models with technical know-how and the highest design art. They impress with their functionality, advanced technologies and at the same time appear classic and stylish. Visually, the watches are clearly structured and discreetly designed; only the multifunction watches and sports chronographs have a multitude of displays and functions that make the appearance of the watches appear complex. The sophisticated and progressive CITIZEN watches will inspire you and on THE JEWELLER you will find a large selection of ladies' and men's watches of the popular brand. CITIZEN Watch Co, Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1930 and revolutionized the watch market with its innovative ideas. Today, the company is one of the world's largest watch manufacturers. Until 1965, CITIZEN exclusively produced analogue watches that had to be wound by hand; in the same year, they started the production of automatic watches. They were pioneers in wristwatches with electromechanical movements and in the LCD sector. At the beginning of the 90s CITIZEN started to produce titanium watch cases. A milestone in the watch sector was the development of light-driven technology, which CITIZEN patented under the name Eco-Drive. In this process, energy is generated from any available light source, whether natural or artificial, diffuse or radiantly bright, and thus supplies the watch with electricity. In solar technology, sunlight or artificial light penetrates the transparent dial, is converted into drive energy by the highly sensitive light cell and transmitted to the precise quartz movement or stored in a powerful, rechargeable microcell. Just one minute of light is enough to start the Eco-Drive drive. The advantages are obvious: CITIZEN has developed an environmentally friendly wristwatch that saves the wearer the annoying battery change and the resulting follow-up costs. Thanks to the dark power reserve, the watch can also withstand a longer time without light. In addition, the solar-powered watches have an energy-saving function that is automatically activated in poor lighting conditions or when stored in the dark. The hands come to a standstill, only the movement continues to run in the background.

CITIZEN watches for men and women impress with functionality and design art

Many series of the CITIZEN brand are extremely popular and offer the right watch for every taste and every style. The models, which are available for both men and women, captivate with clear designs and the high craftsmanship with which the wristwatches are manufactured. One series stands out from the CITIZEN portfolio: the Promaster. These robust sports watches are true all-rounders in terms of technology and function and exceed all expectations - you will be thrilled. Promaster is available for men and women. The collection includes pilot watches, diving watches and outdoor models. Promaster Sky is the ideal watch for globetrotters who want to keep an eye on the right time. Displays for flight data calculation, a world time function and the indication of time zones for numerous metropolises of the world are only some of the complex and useful functions of the CITIZEN Promaster Sky. For recreational divers and those looking for a watch that can do more than resist splash water, the brand offers the Promaster Sea/Marine series. In addition to many functions for demanding divers, the watches also offer the classic functions, such as a stopwatch, a 24-hour display and luminescent hands. For all competitive and extreme athletes, CITIZEN has the Promaster Land outdoor watches in its range. Each of the watch models contains an innovative Eco-Drive quartz or radio-controlled movement that drives the Solar watches. Of course, THE JEWELLER offers different models of the Promaster series, but also classic CITIZEN watches. The CITIZEN portfolio does not only consist of watches for pilots, extreme athletes and people with an affinity for technology. Lovers of classically elegant designs and high-quality materials will also get their money's worth at THE JEWELLER. Titanium, gold-plated stainless steel, mother-of-pearl and real diamonds are just some of the materials that make CITIZEN watches so popular. Choose between analogue models, automatic watches, radio chronographs or a multifunctional ladies' or gents' watch. Most of the watch models are solar watches due to Eco Drive technology. However, there are also very classic and very precise quartz watches with soft leather straps and analogue display, Arabic numerals or line indices. With a watch from CITIZEN you show style and underline your individual look. Would you like a sporty multifunctional watch to accompany you in all your activities or are you looking for a watch from CITIZEN in a more classic style? THE JEWELLER is the right place for you. In the shop you will find a large selection of watches and chronographs of the popular brand - surely there is something for you too. CITIZEN watches are the perfect companion for a wide variety of occasions and activities and much more than a fashion accessory or a simple timepiece that will accompany you for many years and decades.

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On THE JEWELLER you can search for your perfect CITIZEN watch at your leisure and take as much time as you like in making your decision. Moreover, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping couldn't be more pleasant. Thanks to the uncomplicated online ordering process, you can order your new favourite watch quickly and easily directly to your home. So that you can enjoy your purchased product for a long time, we recommend the right care. Useful tips for the correct handling of watches can be found in our jewellery lexicon on jeweller.com. On our blog and with our newsletter we inform you regularly about the latest news from the world of jewellery.