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With different pendants you can always give necklaces a new look and perfectly match your respective style. Our pendants are available in gold, silver, stainless steel and many other high-quality materials. In addition, some are refine with diamonds, precious stones, pearls or zirconia stones. Countless designs do not only make women's hearts beat faster but we also carry pendants for men and children. Get inspired by the multitude of pendants and discover your favourite one today online at THE JEWELLER.

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Dreamlike pendants in the jewellery online shop

Pendants are a stylish statement that makes any chain an absolute eye-catcher in no time. Whether simple, unobtrusive alternatives for everyday life or spectacular pendants with glittering details - in THE JEWELLER's jewellery online shop you will find various models that meet almost every taste and can be perfectly combined with a wide variety of outfits. Jewellery enthusiasts and all those who are still looking for suitable accessories will definitely get their money's worth in the assortment. Finally, there is a choice of pendants made of a wide variety of materials such as gold or ceramics, as well as other models, which offer themselves as a special and unique gift idea thanks to an individual engraving. Thus the online shop offers you not only pendants to expand your own jewellery collection - but also original presents, which are ideally suited as gifts.

Different materials - buy pendants in our online jewellery shop

When it comes to the materials of a pendant, everyone has very individual ideas. First of all it has to match the chosen chain, but it should also match the material preference of the wearer. Some prefer elegant gold jewellery, while others choose silver or stainless steel pendants. Ceramic and titanium models are also available in the online jewellery shop. This makes it much easier to choose your personal favourite and to adapt the trailer to your own preferences. Many make the choice of material also dependent on the preferred colours in the wardrobe or on their own hair colour. Because: Gold pendants, or also those made of a cool silver or stainless steel, harmonize particularly well with certain nuances, while they are less accentuated in other colours. Your own taste is decisive here, but of course there is nothing against choosing pendants made of different materials. This provides variety and guarantees a stylish, individual appearance with the different trailers from the shop.

Personalised tags with individual engraving

You can give your pendant from the jewellery online shop a personal charm with an individual engraving. Especially if the model is to be used as a present, a personal dedication is ideal. Whether as proof of love or as attention for friends or family members - with an individual engraving you communicate your feelings and thoughts to the recipient in an extremely personal way. Because, of course, which words you choose as pendant engraving is entirely up to you. Whether sayings or words that you associate with your loved one or a date that reminds the recipient of a very special event in their life together - there are many ways to transform even a simple, simple pendant into a gift that creates bright enthusiasm. Also partner pendants, which are carried with identical engraving by pairs, enjoy thereby large popularity.

Pendants and necklaces from the jewellery online shop

Only accessories give each outfit its very own and unmistakable charm. Also jewellery, like necklaces with pendants, are to be named here, which convince by their stylish elegance and help you to give even dull looks a certain individuality. Whether simple pendants or splendid alternatives with glittering details made of gold or silver are in demand, does not really matter in the jewelry online shop. Finally, the range includes a large number of selected pendants with or without chain, which can be easily matched to any outfit. For example, draw all eyes on yourself with an extra large pendant that makes neck and décolleté an eye-catcher. Unobtrusive and simple, however, are everyday pendants from the shop, which are of course also available in classic heart shape. A popular alternative that is especially popular with couples in love as a love present. Whether you want to put on the pendant yourself or simply give a beloved person a great pleasure - the pendants in the jewellery online shop are always a suitable choice for anyone who appreciates stylish accessories made of high-quality materials.

Pendants for every occasion

Pendants and jewellery are a good way to give even a simple everyday outfit a certain charm. That's why you can also choose from discreet models in the jewelry online shop, which you can wear perfectly in everyday life, but also for special occasions. Among them pendants in romantic heart form or also simple round models as well as crosses or models, which are intended as borders for coins. Decorative elements such as a stone trim give the pendants an additional elegant character, which is why you can combine them in combination with a matching necklace with your evening wear or wear them to special events.

High-quality gift ideas for children and adults

Jewellery is one of the most popular gift ideas of all for a reason. Also trailers are to be named here of course, which offer themselves as present for adults in addition, for children. That's why in the jewelry online shop you can fall back on special pendants that are tailored to children. Colourful pendants in flower form as well as butterflies or ornate hearts naturally make the eyes of little princesses in particular shine, who will love to wear their new pendant to school or kindergarten. Whether for birthdays, school or any other occasion - the pendants for children are a great way to quickly and easily find a suitable and high-quality gift for the little ones. The same applies to adults, of course. Because the pendants from the jewellery online shop are also ideal to give a little pleasure for anniversaries or other holidays. With a pendant from THE JEWELLER as a gift idea you can't really do much wrong.