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Brilladia FairJewel

Brilladia Fairjewel
Brilladia FairJewel is a premium jewellery brand that uses lab-grown diamonds exclusively. Like natural diamonds, those from Brilladia FairJewel are also made of 100% carbon. They also have the same properties and characteristics, such as fire, hardness and brilliance. The criteria of the 4 C's also remain the same, establishing the individual assignments of colour and clarity as with natural diamonds. To the naked eye, there is no noticeable difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. These are grown in the laboratory and are therefore also more environmentally friendly and ecological than natural diamonds, as there is no need for mining, which places a heavy strain on a wide variety of resources. In addition, these diamonds are always conflict-free and also cheaper due to the extraction in the laboratory. The jewellery from Brilladia FairJewel is made of 14 carat white, rose or yellow gold and the carat number of the stone setting can be selected individually - depending on the piece of jewellery. All stones include a Brilladia certificate of authenticity, and for stones weighing 0.50 ct. or more, an IGI certificate is included with the order.

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