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Plait Chain

The manufacture of a plait chain results in a type of chain that has a unique appearance. The structure of the plait chain is similar to that of a braided hair plait. In order to achieve this effect, the individual links of the chain must be connected in a special way. This is done by turning the chain links so that they can be joined together for the desired look. The elements are also woven into each other as closely as possible in order to come as close as possible to the classic picture of a plait. However, the plait chain is not only a chain with a high aesthetic demand, it is also extremely robust due to the characteristic shape of its links and is suitable for wearing in everyday life as well as for sophisticated occasions. The material from which such a piece of jewellery is made is not specified. Plait chains can be made of gold, silver, titanium or other metals and alloys. The often filigree and feminine elegance of the braid chain makes it an accessory for women that can be worn with or without a decorative pendant.