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The Rauschmayer company has been a well-known authority in the field of jewellery and high-quality accessories since 1963, but especially in the field of wedding rings it is a renowned brand. The full name of the traditional manufacturer from Pforzheim is "Roland Rauschmayer GmbH & Co. KG" in the register. The successful jewellery company was launched in 1963 when Roland Rauschmayer started manufacturing wedding rings as a one-man business. Since then, more and more people throughout Europe and the rest of the world have enjoyed the high-quality and individually manufactured jewellery from Rauschmayer, which has of course grown over the years and can no longer be found only in Germany. Around the globe there are distribution partners of the well-known jewellery brand Rauschmayer in China, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and the Ukraine. The main focus of Rauschmayer is still on the production of high-quality and individually unique wedding rings, which can be ordered from Rauschmayer in a wide variety of materials. However, the expert for filigree jewellery also offers other fine forging products. Pendants, earrings, stud earrings and necklaces are part of the range of traditional German jewellery.