Leonardo Clip & Mix

Leonardo Clip & Mix

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The Leonardo Clip & Mix Collection empowers you to be your own jewellery designer! Discover jewellery from the Clip & Mix systems, which you can combine whatever way you like. One accessory, multiple styles: It’s up to you to design your own jewellery! The modern pieces are made of glass, stainless steel and gemstones. They also act as the perfect gift, giving the giftee the opportunity to express herself through her jewellery. Draw inspiration from the Leonardo Clip & Mix collection and discover the elegant and feminine styles!

Leonardo Clip&Mix Collection - Be a jewellery designer

Do you also love to combine and change your looks in different ways? Then you will definitely like the Clip & Mix collection from Leonardo. Leonardo always inspires with its diverse jewellery and now you have the chance to design jewellery pieces of your own, as well. Be it the high-quality necklace with the possibility to add inlays in different colours or the sparkling pendants that you can hang on bracelets or necklaces. There is a variety of possible combinations, so let your imagination run wild and have fun trying out new styles. Thus, you can make your personal piece of jewellery even more individual and give it uniqueness. If you have any questions about the design or selection of your new favourite piece of jewellery, please feel free to contact our team at THE JEWELLER. Let yourself be mesmerized by the jewellery pieces of the Leonardo Clip & Mix collection. 

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Do you like to wear jewellery that is a little more extravagant and guarantees you admiring glances? Then let this high-quality jewellery by Leonardo with a touch of extravagance cast their spell upon you. The Leonardo Clip & Mix collection is diverse and fulfils all your wishes. All jewellery pieces from this collection are made of high-quality stainless steel and many of the chains, bracelets or pendants are additionally studded with gemstones or decorated with glass elements. Leonardo attaches great importance to trends and modern styles, which is why you will find the trendiest jewellery in the Clip & Mix collection. Their jewellery leaves nothing to be desired and our team at THE JEWELLER is looking forward to your order of Leonardo jewellery. Your brand new Leonardo jewellery will add to your unique style and won’t go unnoticed.

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You want to shop for new jewellery and prefer jewellery that can be customized? THE JEWELLER makes it possible. Due to our wide selection of jewellery, you will definitely find something that matches your style and preferences. The Leonardo Clip & Mix collection is especially well suited for the creative minds among us. But how does the ordering process work? It is quite simple. You can enjoy an ideal shopping experience from the comfort of your home. Make yourself comfortable, browse through and look through our online shop and discover your favourite jewellery from the Leonardo Clip & Mix collection. Immediately after we have received your order, your selected pieces of jewellery will be prepared for safe shipment. Since we place particularly high value on quality standards, each piece of jewellery will be checked for its integrity before it leaves our warehouse.