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Still looking for a casual accessory with a modern touch? Then you are at the bracelets and bracelets of the trendy brand s. Oliver just right! In our online store you will find s.Oliver bracelets for men and women in different designs and materials. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of s.Oliver bracelets and find your new favorite bracelet today!

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Bracelets have been around for thousands of years and their history dates back to the beginnings of mankind. Long before the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, people wore bracelets made of various materials. The Mayas, Incas and Aztecs demonstrated their power by wearing bracelets and bracelets. In the Middle Ages, bracelets were reserved for the rich and powerful: These were usually made of gold or silver and often decorated with precious stones. Today, bracelets are fortunately available to everyone. They are available in many different materials and in every style - the choice is huge. So also the bracelets of the renowned brand s.Oliver. Their bracelet creations for women, men and children inspire with their great variety of designs. From elegant women's bracelets with timeless decorative elements, to striking leather bracelets for men, to playful bracelets for children - there is something for every taste at s.Oliver. And thanks to the high-quality materials and precise workmanship, you will enjoy your new bracelet from s.Oliver for a long time to come.

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S.Oliver began his success story in Rottendorf in 1969. Here Bernd Freier opened his first fashion boutique with the name Sir Oliver. Due to legal disputes over the name, the brand was renamed s.Oliver in 1978. In 1985 the first s.Oliver store opened its doors in Würzburg. International expansion began in 1998 with a store in Austria. Over the years, foreign branches followed in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and many other countries. Behind the brand is the guiding principle "from the family for the family". In addition to the main branch of women's, men's and children's fashion, s.Oliver also offers other product lines such as s.Oliver body and beachwear as well as accessories (bags, belts and leather goods). Together with various license partners, the company also distributes twelve license lines, including s.Oliver Shoes, s.Oliver Eyewear, s.Oliver Jewel, etc. The Jeweller's changing and always up-to-date s.Oliver bracelet assortment always has new highlights in store, so browsing never gets boring. The jewelry is based on polished 925 silver, scratch-resistant stainless steel or genuine leather. Silver and stainless steel are often also provided with a gold or rose gold IP coating. Some of the bracelets are also adorned with sparkling white Swarovski Crystals or colorful glass stones. Some of the bracelets from s.Oliver can be personalized with an individual engraving, which not only makes them ideal for you, but also makes them a perfect gift.

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