Floating Charms

Floating Charms

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Floating charms are small motif plates and symbols that can be placed in a locket. This composable jewellery is characterised by the many possible combinations. The floating charms are placed in a locket with transparent discs. You can decide how many you want to wear in it. Just choose your favourite starter set and add more charms to it. On a discovery tour through our online shop you will surely find the floating charm that arouses your passion for collecting.

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Capturing personal memories with Floating Charms

Floating Charms - also called floating medallion - is the new trend in jewellery! The favourite Victorian piece of jewellery, the medallion, was given a new face and interpreted in a modern way. The so-called floating charms are inserted into a medallion. These are small motif plates and symbols that have their very own charm. And with which you can redesign your piece of jewellery again and again. This system jewellery is characterised by the various design and combination possibilities. With the medallion and the enchanting inlays you can put together your very own personal piece of jewellery. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the floating charms are inserted into the hinged medallion. These"float" then in the medallion, so they can move freely in it. You decide yourself how many platelet charms you want to wear in it. Thanks to the scratch-resistant glass panes, which are worked into the medallion both on the front and on the back, the inserts come into their own. The practical magnetic closure ensures a secure hold and allows you to remove or insert charms quickly and easily. You simply order your favourite starter set with medallion and three floating charms included. If you want, you can add more motif or letter charms to the set. So you can capture memories and very special moments in your life. Your medallion can be redesigned for any occasion or new stage of life - there are no limits to your imagination. Each combination has its own story. Whether as a lucky charm or as a reminder of a loved one, a journey or things that are important to you and bring joy. Please note that depending on the size of the elements, the number you can put into the locket varies. The medallions, necklaces and charms are made of 925 sterling silver, the purest silver used to make jewellery. In addition to glossy silver finishes, we also offer models that shine with high-quality gold plating in classic gold or modern rose gold. The design ranges from classic-round to romantic and playful in the form of a heart. In addition, the respective shape of the medallion is perfectly set in scene by sparkling white zirconia stones. The themes of the charms are as versatile and varied as your own personality. From lifestyle and travel themes, hobbies and sporting themes, charms with love symbolism and family themes to flowers, trees and animals. In our Floating Charm category you will find numerous motifs for your individual medallion. For even more personal statements, you can combine the floating charms with very personal memorabilia, such as small, dried flowers from your last journey, a strand of your baby's hair or other and all the things that matter to you. Let your creativity run wild - there are endless possibilities!

From coin to floating charm medallion - explained by the expert online jeweller

What exactly is a medallion? A medallion is a pendant which is worn on a chain or brooch and can be opened. So it can be equipped with small things, like a photo or another souvenir. The medallion developed from the figurative coin, which already existed in antiquity and was worn on a chain. In the Middle Ages, medallions had exclusively religious motifs. Only in the 15th century did a secular pictorial language develop. In this epoch it was used as a mirror box. The central theme of the motifs were well-known scenes of minnel poetry. Landscapes were also very popular. In the Biedermeier and Victorian eras, medallions were small, flat cans in which private pictures or personal souvenirs were kept. Only from this time on are the pieces of jewellery as we know them to this day.

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