Christening & Baptism Chains

Christening & Baptism Chains

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Baptism is a Christian rite that is of great importance to many people. The question remains as to what is suitable as a gift for this special occasion. It should be something that has symbolic value and expresses the wishes for the baptized child. Our baptismal chains are an excellent gift idea. They are available in gold or silver and are decorated with various symbols, for example with a guardian angel, a cross or very simple. During an exploration tour through our online shop you will surely find the right baptismal chain.

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Christening chains made of silver - a lasting gift

Many gifts are handed over and received in life, but which of them remain in personal possession and also in special memory for a whole life? Probably only the fewest. In any case, this includes christening chains made of silver, as they can be found here on THE JEWELLER's website. With these gifts for baptism, a gift can be presented which the young person will possess from Baptism and with which this special day will always be connected. This memory is worth more than the material of the 925 silver baptismal chain. With the baptism the child is welcomed into the centre of the Christian community, a formative experience for the further life. Baptismal chains made of silver are a beautiful reminder of this, which will continue to exist even in adulthood. Such a piece of jewellery can also become a family heirloom when it is handed over to the next generation at some point. So these pieces of jewellery are not only a beautiful accessory for baptism, they are also linked to a certain meaning, symbolism and memory that will last a lifetime.

A 925 silver baptismal chain as a godfather's gift

A 925 silver baptismal necklace is a perfect gift for a birth. If it is ordered and given away early, it can also be worn in time for baptism and thus fulfils its purpose. If you have a look at the large selection of christening necklaces made of silver at THE JEWELLER, you will see that there is a large selection of different designs of this jewellery. You can choose a 925 silver baptismal necklace with a cross symbol as well as angel motifs or heart shapes. Also classic chains with only one ring on the chain are available. With such a piece of jewellery you combine a high-quality material gift with an ideal value. This way you will always be remembered by the recipient.

Christening necklaces made of silver and with matching gemstones

If you want your baptismal necklaces made of silver to have a special character, you can fall back on a 925 silver baptismal necklace in our offer, which is set with a beautiful gemstone. This way a baptismal necklace made of silver can be given as a gift even more suitable. For girls, for example, a piece of jewellery with a red ruby is ideal, while a blue sapphire would be suitable for boys. Of course, these are not regulations and for those who do not want to stick to these usual colour choices, we also have pieces of jewellery with neutral zirconia trimming. Give one of these special pieces of jewellery and enable a young person to already own a lasting good that is both a souvenir and a piece of jewellery. You can find our complete range of children's jewellery in the upper category children's jewellery.