Textile Keychains

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Our textile key rings impress with their attractive colours, the durability of the polyester fibres and their low weight. In addition, the textile key fobs can be engraved. We would be happy to engrave your personal text on the key fob - perfect for initials. Thus, you can create a unique accessory. On an exploration tour through our well-stocked online shop you are sure to find the right textile key ring for you.

Key fob textile - great accessories

Fashionable textile key rings with engraving are among the most popular accessories - and not without reason. They cut a good figure on a bunch of keys and provide a personal touch and great design between keys and co. Likewise they convince by best functionality: If for example the name is engraved, the waistband can be assigned quickly in case of loss and find the way to its owner faster than without key fob textile. THE JEWELLER offers you a large selection of textile key rings with engraving of top brands and only in best quality. Our accessories are extremely durable and can easily withstand environmental influences. This gives them their beautiful appearance, even if they shine every day on a bunch of keys. Discover great designs in our online shop and be inspired by our extensive assortment!

Textile key fob with engraving - personal gifts

Textile key rings are an excellent gift. Whether classic or stylish - we offer you the most diverse variations. There is certainly something to suit every taste! Whether for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions - textile key rings with engraving will delight your loved ones and conjure a smile on their faces. Our accessories can also be personalised: With an individual engraving you can turn our stylish accessories into unique pieces with character and recognition value. Whether name, date or other personal message, create key rings textile, which nobody else owns in this form and with which you can make others happy. Our high-quality designs are guaranteed to be an absolute eye-catcher on every keychain and make every day a little bit more beautiful.

Key fob textile - buy online

THE JEWELLER offers you a breathtaking assortment of jewellery and great accessories, including stylish textile key rings with engraving. So that you also find exactly the key rings textile, which correspond to your conceptions and the taste of the presented - or which are even after your desires, if you would like to buy it for yourself - you can limit our assortment with few clicks. Just use our filter and start with your budget and your favorite brands. You can also select other design properties: Please indicate material and colour and let us present you shortly a compressed selection. Our exquisite textile key rings with engraving will surely inspire you! Simply order the accessories conveniently online and have them sent to your home. Enjoy THE JEWELLER!