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You are looking for an engagement ring that will make your marriage proposal unforgettable? Then our 18ct gold engagement rings could be just the thing for you! The noble material, the appealing designs and the inimitable brilliance of the diamonds make our engagement rings something very special. In our assortment you will find engagement rings that shine in noble yellow gold, elegant white gold or stylish rose gold. During an exploration tour through our online shop you will surely find the perfect 18ct gold engagement ring.

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The perfect application - 18-carat gold engagement rings

For the perfect proposal, of course, you also need the perfect ring, at the sight of which only a"Yes!" can follow as an answer to the most important question in life. Engagement rings made of 18 carat gold can be this perfect piece of jewellery for a marriage proposal, because they combine elegance, style and high quality. THE JEWELLER offers you a wide selection of the traditional rings you need before every wedding. 750 gold engagement rings are not only high-quality pieces of jewellery, which are a valuable and beautiful decoration on every hand, the engagement ring is of course also associated with traditional symbolism and meaning. On the one hand, the ring expresses that its wearer is already taken and promised for the wedding, which prevents other applicants. On the other hand, the ring is to be understood as a symbol of eternity, unity and fidelity, which are important pillars of a marriage. With an engagement ring from online jeweler THE JEWELLER you get three things: A high-quality gold jewel as an investment, a traditional symbol of partnership and an optical highlight that can enhance any outfit.

750 gold engagement rings for the special day

The selection of different engagement rings is large in our range, allowing you to find exactly the engagement ring that suits your partner's style and character. With a large stone or rather with a simple trimming? Made of light and shining gold or rather with a matte gold colour? The possibilities are manifold and offer a solution for every preference and every taste. 750 gold engagement rings consist of a high proportion of pure gold, namely 75.0 percent, which corresponds to 18 carats. To give the material the necessary hardness and resistance, the alloy of engagement rings made of 18-carat gold continues to consist of components such as copper, silver, cadmium, titanium, nickel, zinc or tin. The colour of the gold can also vary and you can choose the ring according to your personal preference for pink gold, yellow gold or white gold.

18 carat gold engagement rings from a reliable online jeweler

We offer you not only a large selection of the most different engagement rings made of 18-carat gold, but also comprehensive service around the jewellery order. First of all, thanks to the practical filter option at THE JEWELLER, you can easily display the 750 gold engagement rings and get an overview of the range. You will then benefit from fair prices for high quality jewellery and a simple ordering process. All you have to do is enter your address data and choose your preferred payment method. Purchase on account, by credit card, via PayPal or Amazon Payments is possible in addition to the classic prepayment and the direct bank transfer. Starting from an order value of 50 euros the forwarding expenses of 4.90 euros are void and DHL or DPD brings the new decoration as fast as possible to the entry door.