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Hammering is a metalworking process that is also of great interest in the world of jewellery production. In this process, the metallic materials are processed in a cold state with hammers in order to bring them into the desired shape. This is, of course, only possible with certain materials, as steel, for example, would harden in the process and cannot be further worked. Already in ancient times, jewellery, cult objects and everyday tools were made of hammered metal and also art products were created with this possibility of surface treatment. Through hammering, any desired condition of the element can be individually achieved, which is why it can also be described as free-forming. Hammering involves the use of various hammers so that precise shapes can be made or large-area panels can be worked. Bags filled with sand, wooden stamps or anvils are often used as a base for hammering. Particularly suitable for all hammering works are relatively soft elements such as copper and the copper alloy brass, but also silver and gold.