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Y-chain - The term Y-chain already reveals the characteristics of this type of chain. It consists of two chain strands running towards each other, which finally end in a single strand. This chain end runs downwards, towards the décolleté. The Y-chain nestles up against the neck and décolleté like the letter Y. Its striking and unconventional shape makes the Y-chain something very special and clearly distinguishes it from other types of chains. It stretches the neck and emphasizes the female neckline. This makes the Y-chain perfect for combining with wide neckline shirts, but also with high-necked turtlenecks or tops with a V or round neck. The closure of the Y-chain can vary depending on the model. Often, however, the chain closure can be found at the front of the décolleté, where the carabiner can be variably hooked in to determine the length of the chain end. Other models of this type of chain, on the other hand, can be closed in the classic way at the neck. Due to its characteristic shape, the Y-chain can be excellently combined with short chains such as chokers. This creates the perfect layering look. But the Y-chain also looks good on its own - whether in the form of a coarse link chain or as a filigree eye-catcher. Some models are additionally provided with a pendant at the end of the chain strand, such as a pearl or a gemstone.