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Jewellery from Skagen inspires jewellery fans with minimalistic-elegant designs that suit numerous looks and occasions. In our assortment you will find bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that you can combine perfectly. Some of Skagen's jewellery is adorned with pearls or other precious stones. Let yourself be fascinated by the appealing Skagen jewellery on an exploration tour through our well-stocked online shop and find your favourite piece.

Nordic beauties: Jewellery and watches by Skagen

At the sight of jewellery and watches of the brand Skagen you can literally hear the sound of the sea surf. It is not without reason that the Danish label is named after the city at the northernmost point of Denmark: Skagen. The coastal town was chosen by the Danish couple Charlotte and Henrik Jorst at the end of the 1980s to give its name to their newly founded company. Since then, jewellery and watches have been created that are a fascinating reflection of her Nordic source of inspiration. If you think of the north, you can see a wealth of pictures: wide, lonely and rough landscapes with a great naturalness that exert a great fascination. Skagen's diverse creations are equally fascinating: necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well as rings and watches.

Reflecting on the essentials

Puristically design-oriented, aesthetically simple - Skagen presents self-confident jewellery without frills that focuses on the essentials. At THE JEWELLER you will find a selection of Skagen jewellery that is timeless and mysterious. Jewellery by Skagen is Scandinavian and discreetly maritime. Jewellery by Skagen can become an expression of a personal attitude to life. Each accessory, properly combined, can tell its own story. With their flair for trends, Skagen jewellery designers show this in their collections, which play with shapes, colours and materials. High-quality materials are used: stainless steel in combination with a golden or pink gold surface finish. One of the special design features of Skagen's purist watches is the delicate Milanaise bracelets. They represent a revaluation of both ladies' and men's watches.

Who likes Scandinavian design, will love Skagen!

The bracelets in the area of the ladies' jewellery are made of leather and partly have a noble trimming. There are for example pieces of jewellery with pearls or bluish stones. The stones are reminiscent of the so-called Sea Glass, which is washed from the sea to the coast of Skagen and that one can pick up there with luck. The logo also refers to the origin of the Danish jewellery and watch brand. The abstract arrow look of the Skagen logo depicts the meeting of two seas - the waves of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea on the coast of Skagen. Convince yourself of the Nordic flair of Skagen jewellery creations at THE JEWELLER.