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Festina Watches

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Festina watches are characterised by technical refinements that have been skilfully incorporated into the respective design and processed with reliable precision. A Festina watch is the perfect companion and much more than a fashion accessory or a simple timepiece. It conveys a feeling of exclusive value and will give you a lot of pleasure. Let Festina watches for men and women inspire you in our well-stocked online shop and find your favourite among them.

FESTINA watches - always a good choice

FESTINA has a long tradition and is as popular today as it was then. The brand was founded in Switzerland in 1902. This year was also the first time that the motto of the "Festina lente" Manufacture, which means "haste with time", was immortalised on a dial. The success story of the FESTINA brand is closely linked to a man's business sense: Miguel Rodriguez. This man turned the manufactory into a globally operating company that combines several exclusive watch brands under one roof. Miguel Rodriguez´ Life is a story with unpredictable twists and turns and would give the perfect narrative material for a novel. In 1968 he went to Switzerland with hardly any money in his pocket and without mastering the language. After a few years he returned to his home country Spain, where fate took its course. A friend told him that if he had lived for so long in a country known for its watches, he must also have such a watch. In short: Rodriguez drove to Geneva, went to a watch shop, picked out a model and traded the owner down from 150 francs to 80 francs. Back in Barcelona, a banker liked the watch so much that he bought it from Rodriguez for 150 pesetas and asked him to get more of the Swiss watches, because at that time it was difficult to get quartz watches in Barcelona. In the weeks that followed, Rodriguez travelled to Geneva several times and earned more than a year's salary from the banker's love of watches. What was much more important, however, was the insights he gained: he had business sense. More importantly, it is not the appearance that determines the price, but only the quality. So give people the high quality watches they like at a fair price they can and will afford. With the money he opened a shop and the Swiss jeweller from whom he bought the quartz watches became his partner. In just a few years, the watch seller became the owner of the Lotus brand and some time later he also acquired FESTINA, Jaguar and Candino and founded the FESTINA Group. Other brands, Calypso and Perrelet, followed. On THE JEWELLER you will find numerous FESTINA watches for men and women, which impress with their high-quality workmanship, their functionality and their varied designs.

Wristwatches from FESTINA - timeless and fashionable at the same time and with sporty accents

FESTINA watches are characterised by technical refinements that are skilfully incorporated into the respective design and processed with reliable precision. The company's philosophy is based on the understanding that in order to produce a good watch, the entire production cycle must be monitored and understood. And this is reflected in the quality of the timepieces. FESTINA's ladies' watches offer the right wristwatch for every taste. Whether classic, trendy or sporty - the watch models are as versatile as they are shapely. The exclusive watch models impress not only with their clear and timeless design, but also with their high-quality workmanship, materials and decorative details. For example, you can choose between an elegant analogue watch with a classic leather strap and Roman numerals. Or are you looking for a quartz watch with sparkling zirconia stones and refined jewellery details? Or do you need a watch to accompany you during sporting activities, such as a chronograph with a practical stop function and a robust link bracelet made of stainless steel and ceramic. With a ladies' watch from FESTINA you make a fashion statement with classic charm and are always at the pulse of time and whatever you choose, you are guaranteed the admiring looks and compliments of others. Browse the wide range of the renowned brand on THE JEWELLER and find your current favourite model. Contemporary design, clear contrasts and practical handling - these are the distinguishing features of FESTINA wristwatches for men. On THE JEWELLER you will find varied models that fit every style. Would you like a sporty multifunctional watch to accompany you in all your activities, a stylish watch with rubber, silicone or textile strap or are you looking for an analogue FESTINA men's watch with leather strap in classic style? You've come to the right place. THE JEWELLER offers you both prestigious watches with leather strap and fine details and trendy chronographs with link bracelets made of stainless steel or straps made of other robust materials and with numerous functions, displays and helpful indices. What is your favorite? Choose your new watch in our shop. A FESTINA watch is the perfect companion and much more than a fashion accessory or a simple timepiece. It conveys a feeling of exclusive value and will give you a lot of pleasure. If the sporty watch models do not yet offer enough athletic flair, the limited Tour Chronos will inspire you. Each year, the brand launches a special edition of sporty chronographs that are popular with cycling fans and watch collectors alike. FESTINA is not only known for its high-quality watches, but also for its cycling fans. Since 1988, the brand has been actively involved in cycling and founded the FESTINA cycling team, which won the 1994 Tour de France team classification. FESTINA is also the official timekeeper of the Tour de France, the Giro d´Italia and the Vuelta a España.

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At THE JEWELLER, you can take your time looking for your perfect FESTINA watch and take as much time as you want to make up your mind. Moreover, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping couldn't be more pleasant. Thanks to the uncomplicated online ordering process, you can order your new favourite watch quickly and easily directly to your home. So that you can enjoy your purchased product for a long time, we recommend the right care. You will find useful tips for the correct handling of watches in our jewellery encyclopedia on THE JEWELLER, in our blog and in our newsletter we inform you regularly about the latest news from the world of jewellery.