Gold Pendants

Gold Pendants

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Pendants made of gold captivate with their noble shine and timeless charm. They shine in classic yellow, discreet white or modern rose gold - some of the pendants are even bi- or tri-coloured. In combination with high-carat diamonds, colourful gemstones or shimmering pearls, the gold pendants become real eye-catchers. The enchanting designs offer something for every taste. Discover the variety of our online shop and find a gold pendant that perfectly completes your look.

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Gold pendants - inimitable and unique

Unique jewellery makes sure that you attract the attention of every society. Gold jewellery in particular leaves its mark and makes sure that you become the centre of every event. Unique gold pendants complete your elegant wardrobe and complete the overall picture. THE JEWELLER offers you an extensive product range in this area. Let yourself be enchanted by unique pieces of jewellery that are waiting to be worn by you. Here the variety of our collections cannot be more extensive. You can expect models in 750 white gold with extravagant diamonds and other stone settings. Order your unique gold pendant today and we'll ship the same day. This and numerous other advantages should also convince you of our online shop. Gold is just one of our many materials. In the category trailers you will find a complete overview.

Gold pendant with diamonds

Pendants made of gold enjoy unbelievably great popularity, as they provide the necessary attention with a modern and noble-looking design. In our assortment you will find numerous designs under which you are guaranteed to find the right piece of jewellery, for example our selection of pendants made of 750 gold. For example, our pendant White Gold Emerald convinces with an extremely high-quality appearance. The 750 gold chain is complemented by a pendant also made of white gold. A diamond and an emerald are integrated in it, which make this piece of jewellery a must for every jewellery collection. With its light 2.4 g this chain can only be felt visually, because you attract the attention of every observer. The surface of the necklace and the gold pendant are rhodium-plated, which protects your jewellery from tarnishing.

Gold pendant with extravagant motifs

Look forward also to gold pendants, which were manufactured in extravagant motives. Whether heart, flower or motifs with a unique design; here you can be sure to find the right companion for every occasion and for every character. Also these models are made of high-quality 750 white gold and give your outfit the necessary attention. These were elaborately set in scene with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires and offer you a design that you can only find at THE JEWELLER. Let your wishes run free and enjoy pure luxury with an extravagant and unique gold pendant, also our pendants made of 333 gold are worth a look in any case. THE JEWELLER makes every jewellery wish come true and offers you an extensive selection of unique jewellery accessories, which you can only find in our online shop. In addition, each piece of jewellery comes in an individual case.