Skagen Bracelets

Skagen Bracelets

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Skagen simply knows how to create jewellery with noble understatement. The bracelets of the brand also captivate with their timelessly elegant designs. They are made of stainless steel, some of which is gold-plated. In addition, some of the Skagen bracelets and rings are adorned with pearls, zirconia or other gemstones. Be inspired by the minimalist creations in our well-stocked online shop and find the Skagen bracelet that suits you perfectly.

Exclusive bracelets and bangles by Skagen

Bracelets are pieces of jewellery that complete and round off a look. Their design is as diverse as the materials they are made of: for example, stainless steel, leather, textile or even silver. Skagen bracelets are made of stainless steel or leather, among other things, and often reflect the Nordic charm of the Danish region that gave the jewellery and watch brand its name. Decorative elements are to be seen, which remind of the surf of the sea or dunes. Special highlights are gemstones with a bluish colouring. They look maritime and timelessly beautiful.

Arm decoration: Side or main actor of a styling

Beautiful legs and feet can be accentuated with Unique foot chains. The high-quality pieces of jewellery from Unique are usually made of 925 silver and are therefore particularly kind to the skin and resistant to external influences. Depending on the choice of clothing, a bracelet can be the protagonist of styling. With sleeveless clothing, the focus is more clearly on the arm decoration, because this is where bracelets come into their own and are not covered. In a sleeveless outfit, a bracelet is the main actor. But it also arouses admiration as a supporting actor - in combination with other bracelets, the matching Skagen chain, Skagen earrings, a Skagen ring or a Skagen watch. The combination of pieces of jewellery from a whole Skagen jewellery series is particularly beautiful. For example, the matching necklace and earrings are available for some Skagen bracelets to complete a jewellery series. Due to their minimalist design, the combination of different pieces of jewellery never seems overloaded, but always harmonious and harmonious. In addition to bracelets, Skagen also creates bracelets. Like Skagen wristbands, these offer a high level of wearing comfort and are securely closed on the wrist with a practical folding mechanism.

Bracelets and bangles are popular companions

The jewellery from Skagen scores with its minimalism and can therefore be combined in many ways. Bracelets are particularly popular. Unlike necklaces, in which you should consider the respective neckline of the clothing, a bracelet is a universal companion. In addition to their design, Skagen bracelets also impress with their functionality. Extension chains allow an individual adjustment of the length on request. THE JEWELLER has a current range of Skagen wristbands. Here everyone will find their dream bracelet.