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The attractive shine of gold always brings a smile to the faces of lovers of exclusive jewellery - especially in combination with hearts or classic designs. That's exactly why our bracelets made of 14ct gold are so popular. Many models are decorated with real diamonds or sparkling zirconia. In addition, some of the 14ct gold bracelets can be engraved with your own personal design - our engraving service makes it possible. Find your new 14 carat gold bracelet in our online shop today.

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Gold bracelets 14 carat - High quality gift ideas

If you would like to give your partner a very special gift, then you are exactly at the right address, because here you will find everything that makes the heart of jewellery lovers beat faster. Especially the 14 carat gold bracelets come to the fore, because with such a 585 gold bracelet you can't make a mistake. Gold jewellery is absolutely timeless and does not lose its value and beauty. If jewellery such as these 14 carat gold bracelets are made to the same high quality as THE JEWELLER jewellery, then the owner of such a bracelet will enjoy it for many years to come and you have made the right choice! With our wide range of different wrist jewellery options, you will definitely find something to suit your partner's taste and style. Our total offer includes many more models in different gildings.

585 Gold Bracelet - Not only as a gift a great accessory!

But a piece of jewellery like the 585 gold bracelet is not only a great gift, it also gives you more style and fashionable elegance if you have given it to yourself. Especially the possibility that you can have the high-quality 14 carat gold bracelets engraved by us directly, helps you to a very unique accessory. This way you get a 585 gold bracelet like no one else has; you have an absolute unique piece, which was engraved by our experts according to your ideas. A surcharge for this engraving only arises if you wish the engraving plate to be inscribed on both sides. Otherwise we would be happy to do this service for you free of charge. Even if you do not want to have an engraving plaque on your gold bracelet and therefore do not want a personal dedication on the bracelet, you are sure to find the right thing here! Finally, there are also different bracelets made of gold, which were not specially designed for engraving. High-quality clasps and elegant designs, such as our Figaro bracelets or royal bracelets, are waiting for you here in a large selection, so that nothing more stands in the way of the optimal bracelet!

Gold bracelets 14 carat and much more!

The 14 carat gold bracelets from our internet shop are by far not everything you can get from us. You can order 585 gold bracelets and then browse other areas of our jewellery world, where you will certainly find other interesting offers, all of which are offered by us at favourable conditions. You can order and pay for 14 carat gold bracelets and other jewelry from the comfort of your computer. We offer you many flexible payment options so that your interests can be optimally met. Delivery is fast and direct via reliable shipping partners - with THE JEWELLER you are always on the safe side!