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An 18 carat gold bracelet is one of the absolute classics and should not be missing in any jewellery collection. The bracelets are made of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Many models are partly decorated with real diamonds. The exclusivity of the 18-carat gold bracelets is further underlined by the timelessly elegant designs. Whether it be an enchanting heart design, a discreet circle as a decorative element or a modern sign of infinity - we offer the right gold bracelet for every taste. Discover our precious 18ct gold bracelets in our online shop.

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Bracelets made of 750 gold - top class jewellery

If you have high demands on jewellery and are not satisfied with simple pieces, then you will be interested in the bracelets made of 750 gold, because these are made of the highest quality materials and refined with other precious elements. For example, an 18-carat white gold bracelet can be adorned with numerous diamonds, giving it a magnificent overall appearance that is unparalleled in the world of high-quality and elegant bracelets. Bracelets made of 750 gold are absolute highlights in every jewellery collection, as they not only captivate through the beauty of the material, but are also made by master craftsmen and thus convince with excellent design and outstanding wearing comfort. Bracelets made of high-quality materials have also always been manufactured to the highest quality standards and are offered true to these standards. With THE JEWELLER you can get such high quality jewelry at fair conditions, and that also quite simply from your computer! And even if you are looking for another gold plating, you will certainly find it in our main category! Safe, reliable and discreet - your new jewelry from the online jeweller!

18 carat white gold bracelet - A special gift

The high-quality pieces of jewellery from our selection are not only convincing as a direct purchase for yourself, you can also give an incomparable surprise to a special person! To give an 18 carat white gold bracelet as a gift does not only mean that you have bought and passed on a high-quality bracelet, but also that you have thought about it and expressed your great affection with a particularly beautiful and individual piece, as the bracelets made of 750 gold are. An 18 carat white gold bracelet from THE JEWELLER's extensive range is a great gift for every celebration, anniversary and other special occasion that will make your heart beat faster! With a bracelet of this quality and elegance you can't miss it.

Bracelets made of 750 gold in various designs

The special thing about THE JEWELLER is the versatility you can expect here. You can choose the 750 gold bracelets you like best from a huge selection. From these you finally choose the 18 carat white gold bracelet, which promises you the most expressiveness, the highest elegance or the best workmanship, the respective criteria are entirely up to you. You can then order this bracelet and get it delivered quickly and easily directly to your home. You can choose from a variety of options for the 750 gold bracelets; a bracelet adorned with diamonds or sapphires or entirely in elegantly simple white gold - these are great examples of the versatility of THE JEWELLER. With every bracelet, however, equal attention was paid to the best material processing and highest quality standards, so that only the best piece of jewellery comes into question for you!