Paul Hewitt Signum

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Discover leather bracelets for men and women from the Signum collection by Paul Hewitt. The Paul Hewitt Signum bracelets impress with their elegant plates (signums) in silver, gold and rose gold, which are either provided with the coordinates of the company’s location or can be engraved individually. Let yourself get inspired by the huge selection in our shop and find your Paul Hewitt Signum today.

Signum bracelets – engravable maritime jewellery

Signum bracelets by Paul Hewitt are a favorite among jewellery lovers for many reasons: These being that they are timeless, professionally manufactured from real leather which ensures that they last a lifetime, comfortable to wear and unobstrusive. The cherry on top is the stunning and impressive design, which make the bracelet irresistable for any man or woman. THE JEWELLER displays a wide range of these fabulously nautical keypieces that make the perfect accompaniment for casual, business or elegant looks. Moreover, we give you the option of engraving your accessory from the Paul Hewitt Signum collection and thereby adding a personal touch. The broad stainless steel emblem offers enough space to put a personal note, coordinates or any other lettering onto the bracelet – thus making sure that you receive a one-of-a-kind item from the Paul Hewitt Signum series. Pick the accessory which fulfills your wishes and if you aren’t sure which one you like best, our trained staff is happy to help you!

Paul Hewitt Signum – exclusive engravable accessories

If the other nautical Paul Hewitt jewellery pieces with their trademark anchor lock already stole your heart, then the Signum collection, which features bracelets made out of real leather and an engravable stainless steel emblem, will make you jump for joy! The timeless and high-quality keypieces are real all-rounders, because they can be worn with any of your individual outfits. Whether you decide to combine them with a T-Shirt and a pair of jeans or a blouse and trousers: The classic Paul Hewitt Signum bracelets sway with their puristic look. With the help of our online shop THE JEWELLER you can comfortably choose your personal favorite and get it delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, you can use our designated tool, which allows you to choose from 15 different fonts. Buy first class Signum bracelets at THE JEWELLER and get your money’s worth.

Signum bracelets – customizable gifts

The nautical anchor bracelets from the Paul Hewitt Signum collection are growing in popularity, because the timeless keypiece can be engraved with individual lettering. Therefore it is the perfect statement to express your love for a friend or your partner.Whether you decide to engrave your wedding date, your mother’s name or any other heartfelt message: The one-of-a-kind Signum bracelets made of top-notch leather and exquisite stainless steel are a very special gift you can give to a very special someone. At THE JEWELLER you will be able to find a variety of styles from the coveted Paul Hewitt Signum collection. Ranging from feminine rose shades, edgy black or bright blue – your choice of exceptional accessories that have a personal touch is limitless. Look forward to first class jewellery that is of high quality and well manufactured: to ensure optimal wearing comfort. The beautiful bracelets are the perfect gift to express your deep connection and affection for a dear one.