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To produce a king's braid chain, also called byzantine chain, it requires great craftsmanship and a lot of experience. The elaborately crafted chain links make king's braid chains something very special and magically attract admiring glances. Our king chains made of 925 silver are available in different strengths, so there is something suitable for both men and women. Go on an exploration tour in our online shop and be inspired by the appealing design of our silver king's braid chains!

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King chains in typical look

Royal chains are, so to speak, the opposite of filigree chains, which are only intended to set a restrained accent. This is due to the fact that the massive chains are often much wider than conventional models and also captivate by the typical type of braiding of the individual links. This gives the chain its distinctive look that distinguishes it from most products in the jewellery range. Furthermore, the royal chains are also quite wide. This makes it an excellent alternative for anyone who simply cannot find simple narrow chains interesting enough and who wants to set a concise accent with the royal chain as an accessory.

Solid royal chains in plain silver

King chains are available in the jewellery online shop of THE JEWELLER, among other things in a classic silver. This gives the wide necklace a rather simple and cool look that can be playfully combined with different looks. silver jewellery is simply timeless and less extravagant than models in gold. This makes the silver royal chain a matching and harmonious leisure accessory. Jewellery fans at THE JEWELLER can also opt for gold-plated solid necklaces with a much more magnificent charm. These are definitely not for shy people, but they are just the right choice if you want to focus on the chain of kings. Therefore, the chain is often combined with less extravagant and eye-catching pieces of jewellery, so that the focus lies solely on the concise chain.

Nickel-free material guarantees high wearing comfort and quality

The royal chains in the jewelry online shop of THE JEWELLER are guaranteed nickel-free and at the same time impress with their high quality standards. Handmade from genuine 925 sterling silver, the necklaces from the assortment are absolutely unique and continue to be an extremely high-quality accessory on the jewelry market. Thus you will be guaranteed a long pleasure in the massive chain, which you will accompany over many years to the most different occasions.

Fantastically luxurious accessory for the grand entrance

King chains are, as already mentioned, exactly the right choice if a specific statement is to be made with the jewellery. Striking at any price is the motto here, which probably applies in particular to those models that have a generous width. Such statement chains are absolutely trendy and are no longer only in demand in combination with evening wear, but are also suitable as a leisure accessory. This flexibility is another great advantage of the royal chain, since the models thus represent a real enrichment for the domestic jewellery cabinet. Women love the luxurious flair of the braided solid chains, which harmonize wonderfully with a festive evening dress. In combination with a summery look, they are also a great, hardly overseeable highlight or can be adapted playfully to the trendy club outfit. In short: the massive chains set hardly any limits when it comes to wearability with individual looks. But one thing is clear in any case: The big appearance is guaranteed with such an eye-catching chain.

King chains as a contemporary leisure accessory

When it comes to leisure accessories in the form of jewellery, people often like to use rather simple models. Until some time ago, filigree accessories that only set an unobtrusive accent were primarily in demand for chains. In the meantime, however, royal chains have also successfully established themselves as jewellery suitable for everyday use. Women, for example, like to use models with a width of just under 2 mm, which are rather narrow and yet are a real eye-catcher thanks to their woven details. The brave, on the other hand, like to make a statement with massive chains. As a rule, additional jewellery is then dispensed with in order not to steal the show from the luxurious royal chain with extravagant earrings or bracelets. Models in 925 sterling silver are particularly in demand here, by the way, since the simple, cool tone can be combined simply incredibly flexibly with the everyday wardrobe and fits almost every style - on request these are also available as gold-plated king chains. The chain more than lives up to its name, as the additional gold component gives it a touch of luxury and turns even a dull office outfit into a real eye-catcher.

Classic King Chains - also available at THE JEWELLER

If you want to expand your own jewellery collection with a concise royal chain, don't hesitate long and take a look at THE JEWELLER's wide range of jewellery. Quality and an appealing design go hand in hand with affordable conditions, which should make the models from the jewelry online shop interesting for every budget. Through various styles - including massive wide or rather simple king chains - the online shop also guarantees that the matching and desired chain is found in no time. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to put on the chain yourself or use it effectively as a suitable gift idea. Because king chains are also an excellent present. At least when the recipient appreciates the exclusive and extraordinary style of the models. However, this should probably apply to anyone who is basically enthusiastic about jewellery. After all, royal chains have been among the absolute must-haves from current jewelry collections for some time now. If you want to live out the trend, you are really well advised with one or more of these massive chain models.