Coin Pendants

Coin Pendants

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Convertible jewellery allows you to create your own individual style and is therefore so popular. You can create various jewellery compositions with our numerous coin pendants. All you need is the matching locket and the matching inlays (coins). The designs of the coin pendants are so varied that there is something for every taste - whether romantic, rocking or puristic. Go on an exploration tour in our online shop and find the pendant coins that are perfect for you.

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Coin pendant - a very special piece of jewellery

Discover a previously unknown flexibility with our exclusive jewellery. The system consists of the following elements: Our high-quality circular pendants, consisting of the finest 925 sterling silver, can be opened and closed. We offer you a copy with or without stone, according to your taste. Next you can choose between three different washers or inlays: The discs are made of mother of pearl, black agate and rose quartz in the following colour directions: Champagne, black and pink. These discs form the background for your piece of jewellery. The third element is the actual coins: Filigree worked coins of 925 silver in various shapes. As a special highlight, you can also have a free lettering of your choice, such as your name, made on request.

Pendants for coins offer unlimited variation

The highlight of our coin pendants is the endless variation possibilities that are available to you. Unlike simple pendants, our system allows you to change the appearance of your jewellery every day. You want glittering pendant? Then choose our coin pendant with multiple sparkling zirconia. Another day you are more interested in simple jewellery? Then choose the alternative pendant without stone. But that's just the beginning of your possibilities. If you want to give your jewellery a dark appearance, then choose our inlay from black agate. You love Rosa? Our coin pendant adapts to you with an inlay of pink rose quartz. In addition, you can give your jewellery a marble-like appearance with our mother-of-pearl inlay. Next, you can choose from the coins at the heart of our jewellery system. You can choose from a variety of patterns, whether abstract patterns, butterflies, trees or flowers, you will find many coins for every occasion. Even after you have chosen a particular coin, there are other options: Each disc is available in three different alloys. You can choose between a silver, yellow gold or pink gold surface.

Our coin pendants - timeless design meets the finest materials

Our pieces of jewellery are not only convincing due to their elegance, they are also made of high-quality materials. Our coin pendants are made of high-quality 925 sterling silver. In addition, their surfaces were subjected to a special process, rhodination. This surface treatment ensures that your silver is tarnish protected and has its noble appearance even after a long time. All three versions of the inlays are also made of high-quality natural materials: The light-coloured mother-of-pearl washer is made of a natural and particularly robust material. The black disc is made of agate, a high-quality variety of quartz. Finally, the pink inlay consists of another variety of quartz: the so-called rose quartz. The actual coins consist of polished 925 silver, optionally with a silver-coloured, tarnish-resistant surface or alternatively in yellow or pink gilding.