Titanium Pendants

Titanium Pendants

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Titanium has high solidity and is at the same time ductile, corrosion-resistant and extremely light in weight. These positive properties make the material also very popular in the jewellery sector. Our titanium pendants also impress with the positive properties mentioned above. In addition, the titanium pendants have attractive designs that underline your style with a modern touch. Let yourself be inspired by the casual lightness of the titanium pendants and find your personal favourite.

Pendants Titan - Modern Pendants with Charm

Also man would like to round off the overall picture with noble decoration. Especially titanium pendants provide the desired effect. THE JEWELLER offers a wide range of pendants made of the noble and elegant material titanium. Look forward to titanium pendants that give you that certain something and ensure that men of the world find elegant accessories that can be worn on every occasion. Whether professionally, privately or on special occasions: With our jewellery you can be sure to make the right decision when it comes to jewellery. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of our offered collections and experience the difference. In addition, THE JEWELLER offers you numerous other advantages, and we also offer a huge selection of other models. See our trailer section for a complete overview. If you order your selected jewellery on the same day, it will be sent to you the same day.

Titanium pendant with ionic black-plating optics

Titanium pendants are multifaceted in appearance, because the material titanium can convince in many ways, including in its processing. Let yourself be convinced by a titanium pendant, which provides you with a very special look thanks to the ionic black-plating process. For example, our modern titanium cross with ionic black-plating-look enjoys great popularity. This was made of high-quality titanium and with its matt surface becomes an eye-catcher for every observer. Including a 45 cm long rubber strap with a thickness of 2mm you can look forward to a very special jewellery accessory. A special feature of this titanium pendant is the outstanding cross design, which has been extended by an extravagant component: The cross can be removed from the ion-coated cross shell.

Titanium pendant with black diamonds - pure luxury

However, if you decide on titanium pendants that have even more to offer in terms of luxury, then our titanium pendants with noble silver inlays will convince you. Here, too, the pendants are made of high-quality titanium and are refined with elegant optical refinements. The use of silver inlays gives a special and above all luxurious look, which makes you the centre of every event. Let yourself be enchanted by our collections, which make all the difference with their unique and elegant designs. You will find titanium pendants in numerous designs and with all imaginable extras. You can also look forward to our case service, where you will receive the matching case for every piece of jewellery ordered. This way you can be sure of the safekeeping of your new jewellery. THE JEWELLER leaves nothing to be desired for men and women and provides extravagant and unique accessories.